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Can u stop loving easily?

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Depends. Depends on how much you loved them. How deeply you loved them. etc. Depends.... why are they not there anymore. Was it a break-up, a move, a fight?


For instance. You can be with someone for years. Married. Etc. And if you keep putting into the relaitonship and not getting back. You become resentful or whatever. You keep loving and trying to turn it around....and it can't or doesn't happen. So... can you fall out of love quickly???? I'd say that the process of falling out of love takes time too. The discovery of it within yourself can happen.. in an epiphanic moment. and AHA moment.


Human emotions are not a fixed thing... for anyone person. I think it depends on you and how you are wired and encoded.

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I believe that once you love someone, you love them. Distance shouldnt matter and it shouldnt change the feelings. In fact, as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. But to answer your question, no, I dont believe you can stop loving someone out of the blue just because they aren't with you. It doesnt sound like love to me.

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No. Falling in and out of passion is a common and not unusual occurrence. However "love" does not come and go. It lingers on way past what it should.


In my opinion a relationship should be based on love not passion. So that it will last. We have to be careful what we call love, and of who or what we love.

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I think it's possible to totally fall out of love with someone you really did love completely... but it's generally not -out of the blue-. Sometimes it can happen very quickly- everyone's different and feels things differently... no matter how it happened or why or how quickly, one thing's for sure- you can't really do much about it!

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I don't think so. If you honestly ove someone that doesn't just go away simply because someone's not around you. I think sometimes people use the term love very loosely. If you love someone unconditionally that love will be with you always.

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Been with bf for three years and I feel like lately I have been giving everything to him and being there and helping him and he never really gives me what i want which is selflless love I feel like he has more enthusiasm about seeing other people than he does about me , but anyways i don't know if its because I want to convince myself that i dont love him as much anymore or if I really don't. But if this is true it has taken me about 1 1/2 just getting to this point.

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