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He didn't call me and he was the one to ask what time.......

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Ok guys, The guy that i have absoulutly fell head over heels, didnt call me last night. I gave him my number and he came back and asked what time should he call. i said i dont know, so he suggested 9pm. so i agreed. Well i stayed up until 10 and was about to fall over sleepy. So i told my mom the next morning and she suggested he might have fell asleep. Because he has to be to work at 6am in the morning. well please reply

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Yeah, he could have fallen asleep, or maybe he was doing sometime else (watching a movie, talking on the phone to someone else, on another date). Maybe he just forgot to call. I do that a lot.


Give him the benefit of the doubt. If this becomes a habit with him, the ditch him. good luck!

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Hey, I don't think i've replied to any of your posts yet, but I have been following the past few prior to this one.


It seems that you're following in my foot steps, and over analyzing things, like I used to. It actually does get you .. NO wheres. Try not to think about "he hates me" or blew you off.. sure, it's not nice for him to make you wait, but what if something happened?


Like the previous poster said, give him the benefit of the doubt.

If you find yourself thinking too much into little things, try to take your mind off of it, and go out and do your own thing.


If he doesn't call, then .. whatever.. do you want to be with a guy that says he'll call, and doesn't? a liar? .. of course not.. no loss, move on.


But, just wait it out, he may come around and be the perfect gentleman, it's way too early to assume things, give it time, and you'll see for sure.

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It's not a big deal...we're guys...sometimes we'll wait a few days, even tho it's drivin you nuts inside. What you really need to do b-h/c, is....get away from the phone, or your cell...whatever, you have to go occupy your time so you don't seem like you were sitting around waiting for him to call. I know you really want him too, but that looks like you're really desperate...just learn some control and go get your mind onto something else so when he does call you'll be fine and 'surprised' that he called instead of waiting by the phone and being like "Why didnt you call last nite!!!" Heck I dont know, the guy could be just as shy as you seem(even tho you gave the initial contact) and he's afraid of when to call thinking it might be a 'bad' time. Good luck tho...remember, go do something else to occupy your time...don't sit around.

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