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Another typical scenario

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I have nowhere else where i can turn to, to release this out and ask for advice. I am stuck, more stuck than i was with that difficult maths question.


I have dated this someone for exactly a year now and we've known eachother for 4 years in total. He has become one of my best friend who i can spill anything to.


This is my first relationship (i'm 16) and i'm finding it hard to adapt to as we're now in a broken state where i want to break up but he choses to linger on because he said he still 'loves me'. His love is too fragile and i'm scared to take it again.


The problem of this relationship is that i don't like the girl friends that he hangs around with. He knows perfectly well as we've had conflicts based on similar topics often. Unsuprising, we are in a broken state because of his friends. Maybe i shouldn't be so concerned of his friends but this is truly not a matter of jealousy. Those girl friends of his are rude, loud and absurd. They are constantly back chatting about my bf (or should i say, ex) but he still wants to hang around them.


Anyway, this time things are a little different. One of his friends are holding a party kinda thing. I wanted him to go although he's afraid that i'll be upset about that, so he rejected my brilliant offer. But astonishingly, the next day, he muttered to me that he is going. First of all, i wasn't too shocked as i knew he must've been persuaded or tempted by what's going to happen on the day. He is finding me unreasonable as i am pissed about it. I am pissed partially because he said he's not going but after being tempted with offers and persuaded by his friends, he changed that mind of his.

Also , what mainly ticked me off was... as planned a week before, i was to go to his house on the day of the party, but to make both events happen, he told me to go the day after. That is truly putting me where he wants me to be like an object without any consideration of my feelings.

During the one year dating process, it feels to me that he's using me as some kind of 'object' where he comes to when he needs love and hugs. I feel used.


My question is... Does this situation seem serious enough where i should totally cut it off with him? He says he still loves me. I don't know what to do. I never admired ppl that are mind changing and who lies constantly. What is it that i can do? I really need advice on this.



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He's obviously chosen his friends over you. My advice is drop him! Find someone else.


He's not takin your feelings into consideration. It also sounds like he's easliy led. Maybe he should have a dog lead!


Hope this helps.


Good Luck

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