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So now I really do feel alone.

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I wasn't sure where to put this but I guess this will do.


I had been with some for a very long time, her name was Amy. I really do love her. She will never know how much. I was planning on getting engaged this summer to her. I had already asked her family. I was close to them as well. They really made me feel welcome and part of the family. We had been dating since 20-12-2001. I March of this 05 year she decided that she wanted to separate. I was shocked and destroyed. Over three years and she just wanted to end it because she met a "better looking rich guy". I never would have thought that to come from her. Maybe I'm just oblivious.


I'm not a big social guy or anything. At the time I was limited to Amy and my one other friend Tommy. That was my big social group. So she left me, and she calls me up a week later because the "better guy" screwed her and then left her... Imagine that. I've never stopped loving her, and I may have been a fool but I had to try. So I consoled her in her ignorance. I thought things were going better between us. My entire life had started to turn around. Tommy and I became closer, Amy and I were getting better, and I got a job at NASA. Then in one single Instant Message I lost everything. Tommy messages me that he has been screwing Amy for the past week behind my back.


It has been almost 4 moths since that and I feel as bad as I did that day.


So now what? I have lost my friend. I have no one to talk to. And it happened so sudden that I didn't stop loving her, though it might not have mattered. I can never see her face again. I can never see either one of them. I have lost everything, what about NASA? Well he works there, and I just couldn't stand to work beside him (as you could imagine). I found another job on NASA so that worked out ok. But I'm still alone. I don't know what to do. I miss her so much. I lost my love, my friend, and half of my family. I want so bad to talk to her, because she was the person I turned to when I needed help.


I can't see myself with anyone else; I can't see myself forgetting about her. I'm running out of options, but I really need to talk to someone, so that is why I am here. I used to be a loner, but after 3+ years of having someone to be with all the time I can't be alone. I have grown to need that support.


I think the worst part is that I can't even trust a friend in my time of need.


My love will always be, but I wish I knew how I could love again...

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I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I've tried to picture what the worst thing that could happen to me would be, and my answer was having my best friend and girlfriend sneaking around behind my back. If that ever happened to me, I don't know what I would do.


This probably won't be much solace, but they weren't real friends. Real friends wouldn't do that to you. There are better people out there, people who you can trust. And yes, somewhere out there is another girl you could love, even more then Amy. In time he scares will heal and you will love again. Until then, focus on the work and try to do things you enjoy. Slowly work your way out of this, step by step, one day at a time. And if you want to talk, feel free to write me a message.

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That's the worst type of betrayal and I can imagine why you are such a wreck. Anyone in your position would be. This isn't going to be something you get over quick...you need lots of time. Perhaps, even in the future, you will have major trust issues with your friends or your significant other because of this one experience. That is completely understandable.


But the thing to remember is: One occurrence, one betrayal, one lost love doesn't limit the possibility of you leading a happy life. You need to get out, meet ppl and make friends, slow at first if u wish. Surround yourself with your family who care for you and get their help in seeing you through.You'll be amazed at how much that will help. Then, try and get involved in some activities. Whatever your interests, you will find this is one of the best ways to meet others. In the wrong run, I also thing it would be a good idea to maintain no contact with Amy. If you try and take her back, you are only setting yourself up for more disappointment. Giving her a chance to break your heart once more. Clearly, your relationship didn't mean as much to her for she wouldn't have cheated on you and thrown those 3 years away that you two shared.


It will get better though. Just try to hang in there and believe that the future will bring you happiness.

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Well done you two!


Blaze the first thing to do to help the healing process is find some new friends. When you do don't keep talking about your failed relationship that will only push them away! Don't put all your eggs in one basket! (Have more than 2 friends that way you have more people to rely on!) Use them to forget about it. Just have fun.


Do you have any hobbies? Does NASA have a social club?


Hope I've helped.


Good Luck. Keep your chin up!

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Because I could tell. She liked the sex appeal, and he had the funds to host massive FRAT parties every damn week.


Trying to get back with her was probably a very stupid move. But I would have always regretted it if I had not tried.


I know I need more friends, but that is kind of hard for someone like me. I'm not a very outgoing person. Not to mention I don't really have the extra funds to have a social life, unless I gave up on my car. And that's pretty much the best thing going for me now. I'm also in college so there is a huge amount of cost in itself, plus the added time eater (since I'm here to get a degree that I am going to use, not because I have nothing better to do).


Another thing is that it is hard for me to relate to people. My car is the only thing I really do per say. Other than that I spend my time working at work, or working at home. It's kind of sad; I don't think I really know how to have fun anymore, lol. I used to play video games like crazy, but for some reason, ever since this crap happened, I haven't enjoyed any of my gaming. I guess I've got so much inside I just end up getting mad at the game for no reason.


I went to a car show for my online car group and I don't think I improved on any social skills there. I did the same thing I usually do, hang out in the background after I introduce myself. I also found that I inherited that miner Japanese allergic reaction to alcohol, so I can't drink to help being social either.

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This is awful...I feel for you...Sometimes what a person needs to do is go spoil yourself.


start off with a new haircut maybe adding some highlights then getting some new clothes. Its those things that help bring up your confidence. You have to work on the social skills. You starte doff right by going to the car show, but you can not expect people to come to you ...you will have to make the first moves. I think going to these events is the step in the right direction. Just keep going to them and one last work of advice that is really small but it helps


keep your chin up when walking ...its a pyschological thing for yourself and for people who see you...its a sign of strength and confidence... It does work. Take care bro....hang in there.

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Sometimes what a person needs to do is go spoil yourself.


52 Steps ahead of you there. First thing I did was max my $1000 credit card on stuff. Finally got a good digital cameral, some new cloths and more. Then since I got the NASA job, I've spent tons on my car. But after getting all I can for my car at this time, and paying off my credit card. I still feel the same.


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I really do need more friends, but then it's going to be very hard for me to start being friends with anyone now. I just got burned again by "new friend 1"

Maybe I'm just too sensitive. I know that my morals pose an issue as well. I've been so secluded in my upbringing that my morals dictate that what is common place in the world now, is wrong to me.


I guess this is my big test to see how well I can adapt to my changing environment. I certainly hope I can.

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