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hi everyone... ill give you the quick 411 on what went down


2 weekends ago, we went camping for the long wknd. I met this girl Jen when we got there and we all partied with her and her friends. Right away from meeting her i felt somethign for her and i could tell she was interested cause she hung out with me and we flirted etc. The whole weekend she would invite me sit near her and we would talk about really cool stuff like what we were doing with our futures and found out about each other. That weekend, we ended up hooking up and making out, nothing serious happened but the next morning, she was really cool and we hung out al lthat morning and she gave me her number.


come next week, i called her on the wednesday and told her a bunch of my friends were going to a club and it would be great to see her again and that she should come down with some of her friends... she told me should call me the next day and let me what was going on.


Next day rolls around and she calls me and lets me know they will forsure be there. They end up coming ot the bar and we have a great time. We hang out and have fun but I still am with my friends and she hangs with her friends so its not super clingy.... she invites me outside with her to have a drink and a smoke and she comes with me when i need to go to the bank machine. Later that nite i invite her to have a drink sunday Nite but she says "Maybe, im not too sure whats going cause im going to the lake for a work party all wknd but ill give a cal llater this wknd and let you know" so i say thats cool.


Later on that nite she comes to me and invites me and some friends to her house that nite saying they are having some drinks and wants me to come... i tell her that would be cool and tell her to call me the next day


She calls the next day and invites me over and i let her know i cant make it after all cause i have another function to go to first, but i ask if i can call her later that nite and meet up. she says sure. Later that nite i meet up with her and her friends at a pool party.


At this party, she invtes me in the pool and as soon as i get there, she doesnt leave my side. In the pool we flirt back and forth, splashing each other, she makes no hesitations at all to touch me, jumping piggyback, rubbing my back to get moquitos off, sharing my beer with me. than she tells me to come in the hot tub with her and we sit in the hot tub for a while talking and stuff and at one point we are in the pool and i go to put my arms around her to kinda hug her and she wraps her legs around me and puts her arms around my neck and we kinda walk around the pool like that till we get kicked out.


after that she tells me to come with her and hold a towel up while she changes (telling me with a laugh that i cant look either) and than comes over to wher emy stuff is and hangs out while i change. than we both sit on a suntan chair and talk and we pet this dog while she leans with her elbow on my leg.


at the end of the nite i again ask about sunday, she repsonds with maybe that would be fun, ill call you when i get home from the lake or early next week.


i dont hear from her so i call her monday nite at around 10 p.m, she isnt home so i leave a message and she calles me back at about 1130..... we talk for about an hour and its an awesome conversation... she laughs at all my jokes and refers to things as "ours" (like the rubber ducks we were playing with in the pool) and just stuff that forsure would make me think everything was going awesome. I find out she is going away on a trip that wednesday and wont be back till the ned of the wknd and she says she will call me when she gets back and that we should hang out. I say thats cool, give me a call and we'll go for a drink.


after that, i dont call her anymore i am watiing for her to call me. I have not heard from her since and it is now thurs nite of the next week. I called her last nite (wed) at about 10 and left a message with her sister but still have not heard back.


I am wodnering what is going on? is this girl playing hard to get? lost interest? how do i play it from here???


ive heard some information from her friend (who went on a date with my friend) that her last 3 relationships didnt go well because the guys went to serious way to fast and it scared her away and she is afraid of guys going psycho like that..... she doesnt know i am a medical student and i need my own life and am not clingy or anything like that.....


what do i do from here guys? do i take her not calling me back for no interest or do i give her the benfit of the doubt and call her one more time? was she not interested in the first place?


some advice would be most needed...THANKS!

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nope, she was interested. Call her again, it's just a phone call and what's it going to hurt? It's like sales. You should follow up on promising leads. And I know it seems like you're the one making all the advances, but maybe she wants a man to court her and chase her. You never know.


Why not, when you get in touch with her, bring the subject of going too fast and whatnot up? Face the demon now. You don't have to say, well I heard your past BFs came on way too strong but don't worry babe, I'm way too busy for that. Figure something else out that says, "I don't want to go too fast *insert reason having to do with you here*". Know what I mean?


Good luck!

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I just dont get it....... why the huge sudden show of interest and than nothing? did i do something wrong? did she change her mind?? what is the most likely answer to this problem... it is absolutly driving me nuts!


because she got the flu? because she is sick? because someone recently died? because she has a huge exam to study for? becuase....of any of a million reasons. Most likely, it's nothing to do with you. She could have changed her mind I guess but you should call her again and find out.


BUT if she disses you again, then you know.

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I dont know, its just so weird..... like i called her and her sister said she wasnt home. So i dont think she is sick, and she wouldnt be writing exams or anything cause she is not in school. It is possible she is still out of town but i dont think so either. I guess im just not used to girls changing there mind liek that especially when i didnt do anything to provoke it.


Is it more likely something came up? or is it more likely that she lost interest??? when should i try her agian?

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