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I have been going crazy looking for a job since graduating in May and last week learned of a Spanish teaching position while visiting a friend in a different state. While I don't have a degree in education, they are accepting people with only a bachelor's degree. While I have no desire to be a teacher on a permanent basis, I believe I could do it for a year or two. There are a few problems though...


-I have no experience with children, except that I was one once. I never babysat or anything and have no younger siblings.


-My family describes me as weak, unsociable, and unable to be an authority figure


-I am waiting to get letters of recommendation and have already been turned down by one professor (more or less) who said they didn't know me well enough to write a letter. I was always quiet in class, so I fear the others my give me similar responses


-I have never lived alone before. Picking up and moving out within the next few weeks would be a drastic step


I really think the experience of teaching could be good for me...if I am successful. While I am shy and reserved, I believe in taking risks and not reserving myself to a boring risk free life.


I would just like some opinions. Should I persue this, or does it sound like I'm not cut out to teach? Thanks!!!

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Definitely pursue it. Don't listen to your family - just go ahead and prove them wrong.


I know a number of good teachers and some of them are shy outside the classroom but are not inside it because they have confidence in their ability. So can you. Go for it and don't be persuaded otherwise.

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well thats definitely great advise from your parents... i think you should listne to themm... NOT! k why are your parents trying to do that to you??? i think thats so rude...

just do whatever you want to do... if you really want to be a spanish teacher, do it! u can do whatever you put your mind to... i dont see how shyness would keep you from being a good spanish teacher... and get people who know you really well like best friends parents, etc.. not ppl who dont even really know you...

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I am pretty shy in social situations, but I am currently teaching English as a foreign language. Of course, at first I was nervous, but the kids are great and very fun. After 11 months of teaching, I don't feel shy or nervous in front of them anymore. Shyness is one of those things that we can overcome with practice.


I say go for it. And don't listen to your family about this, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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I have been teaching for 6+ years now and am a completely different person in the classroom than I am in social situations.


When out at bars or other places where I am meeting new people, I am often timid, awkward, and uncomfortable. It's frustrating because deep down there's a wild child inside, waiting for the right moment to jump out.


On the other hand, when in the classroom, I feel comfortable, confident, and composed. I don't question myself. I love (for the most part) what I do and do it well.


Don't let people discourage you from trying something new. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself. Don't be afraid to take a chance.


As far as moving to a new place all alone...that was me 6 summers ago. I packed my car with all that would fit, drove down here and found an apartment and a teaching job within the week. Yes, it was scary. But, WOW, did I learn a lot!


Since then I have been teaching, attained my masters, met new friends-all by myself-several states away from any members of my family.


Believe in yourself.



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I am a teacher. I have been teaching for one year. I can tell u it is difficult and challenging by itself, let alone bringing your faults into it.


When i told my parents that I was going to be a teacher, they laughed. My parents said that I wasn't a very patient person and sometimes it takes forever for my points to come accross (communication problems).


This year was extremely difficult, but very rewarding. Don't worry about your shyness. U will be amazed of how rewarding and yes powerful, when a groups of kids are waiting to hear the next words out of your mouth.


My advice, try it. If it doesn't work out, then don't renew your contact next year. If u don't try, then u mighty be pondering a what if question. U will never know if u can do it, unless u try .


It feels great when u can overcome a weakness

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Discipline is very difficult. If u decide u want to take the job, then set up class rules, and punishments, if not followed. Make sure it is something u can follow through with, such as a written assignment or detention. Class rule should be visible. Keep the students busy at all times and teach them something new everyday. Showed them that you care, but won't tolerate any disrespect towards u or your fellow students.


Also, ask every teacher u met for their discipline technique. Maybe someone will have a great idea.



Discipline is not my strength, but this philosophy has kept me out of trouble in that department for about 8 months. It did not work the last two weeks of school

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Becoming an educator requires practice and experience, it's not a personality thing. But i do suggest you do a trial run on this before deciding whether to pursue it or not. By that i mean to just find ways to have social interaction with a group of children, set themes to talk about, and keep doing it until one day, you can grasp their attention towards you. Then you earn yourself the confidence, and are definitely qualified to become a teacher. It also helps you with your personal growth to overcome your shyness. Teacher fits you, but do a trial run first.

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