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I want to know if you have broken up with with someone knowing something you did contributed to the break up .....and after having time and distance were you THEN able to see that maybe you did in fact mess up something good??? Did you do anything to make things better? Did you ask the girl back? How did you go about hgetting back with her???

I just want to know if there are guys out there who DO realize their mistakes and try to make amends. I need some hope.

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I think you learn something about yourself every time you go through a break up. Usually it is a time of introspection and it is also one of the few times in your life that another person will speak bluntly to you about your personal flaws.


I am pretty sure every one of my break ups has made me a better man. Another 20 or so break ups and I'll be perfect...LOL.


Having said that, you cannot undo the past and it is very difficult to re-build an old relationship whilst trying to become a better person. If the reasons you broke up were significant you may be better off taking the learnings and moving on to bigger and better things.

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I dont believe that a break up is ever about one person, it has to do with the two of you interact thereforeeee you cant place the blame on the other person. I have broken up with girls and thought I made a mistake but in the end I remember that I made that decision for a reason and I just keep that reason in mind.

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Yes, I did break up with one person that I regretted (me breaking up with them). To this day I do not know why we broke up. I was young and dumb. Wanted to sew my royal oats you might say. After dating some girls and realizing it was going nowhere I found myself thinking... Man, did I mess up. She was a great girl who cared for me a ton.... Time went by. We almost got back together. Then I met my ex. (the reason I am on this forum at all). Anyway, the girl I was about to get back together with met someone at about the same time my last ex and I got together. She is now married to the person she met and I am sitting here typing on my computer to all of you. I guess it worked out for the best for her. As for my current ex.... I pray everynight for her to see what we had and come to her senses. I am trying to forget about all of the tings we have done together. At the same time I am trying to play it cool in the hopes that we will get back together someday. I do think that time will tell. I do think that people that were brought together once can reevaluate thier lives and see what they could have. I also read somting one time that stated: once a true love bond is formed that bond is never lost unless one person loses thier life. And then it still goes on in a memory. I hope you all can even understand this. It is pretty rambally.... Sorry.

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I know that sometimes it is always about one person and most of the time it's about two people. When my current ex split with me it was a mutual thing, but now that I look at it -- it was all about her. Every one of our mutual friends confirms that she just has this mountain of fear about relationships no matter how many times she says she wanted marriage, kids, etc. Looking back, she really did the breakup and I did nothing but treat her like a queen during our entire relationship. After having that time of introspect, I can see that while I needed to improve in some areas it just didn't add up to her reasons for splitting.

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With my girlfriend of 8 years, we broke up because I had to sew my wild oats as another person said. I realized after being apart and being with other people that she was the one I truly loved. She ended up breaking up with her new boyfriend after 8 months or so and we started talking again. Things were fine for a while --about 5 or 6 months, but I messed it all up again by making the same mistakes I made the first time around -- failing to express to her how significant she really is to me and fearing commitment. Just a couple of weeks ago, she told me she is dating someone else now. I know she is anxious to get married and perhaps start a family, which scares me. I am hoping with all my heart that she still loves me and that one day soon (before she makes any major life decisions with a new person) she'll realize how special our love is and we can still work things out.


You never really know if you'll get that second chance, but if you do, make sure you take full advantage of it. Work on self-improvement so that if you do get that chance, the relationship will be so much better the second time around.

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