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Should I meet this guy or not?

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Hi, long story short....I met this guy online about 3 months ago, and have been talking to him on the phone for about 2 months. He's always asking me to go over his house, and when I say no he gets all mad and wont let me get off the phone. So finally last weekend I said I would go over this Friday if he would stop asking me. This morning he called me and I told him I was scared he wouldn't like me, because with his personality he seems like he could get anyone he wants. I expected him to say he didn't care what I looked like, all he said was "Ive seen your pictures and I like them, but how about you go get a webcam and I will tell you if I like you or not. If I do then you can come over tomorrow, if not you don't have to."


Should I be mad about that? It seems to me that all he wants is sex and oral sex from me, thats all he talks about.


Also he lied about his age to me at first. Which I know a lot of people do online, but he still hasn't ever really told me his real age. I found out myself because he put it on one of his webpages and forgot. He told me he was 23 at first, then on the phone i surprised him adn asked him he said 25. And on his webpage it says 27. And I am 19.


I dont know what to do. Any advice is helpful. Thankyou.

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If you think all he wants is sex; leave it. Don't go. He sounds strange anyway. And he lied about his age. I don't think you should go to his. I think you should stop communication with him and move on to someone who will actually care for you.


Good luck.

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Don't go to his house girl! If you really want to meet him, suggest meeting for coffee in a public place, that way, if you 'click' you can arrange another meeting. Honestly, this guy sounds like BAD news. You on the other hand seem very nice and sweet and deserve a lot better. My first choice would be to stop all contact. If you're just too curious and are dying to meet him - then my suggestion of meeting in a public place would probably be the safest. PLEASE don't go to his house - it is very dangerous. If he's lied about a silly thing like his age, he's lied about other things too - you don't know who this guy really is.

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I hope you decided not to go because this guy sounds like a manipulative, obsessive person. Think about your safety. None of what you say about him sounds like he is someone anybody would want to get to know.


And next time some guy asks you to come over to his place you should be on guard. A guy that is interested in meeting you will be more than happy to meet you in a public place.

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