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Long-Distance Ex Wants to "Work Things Out"

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Hey Everybody,


I finally got so frustrated with the long-distance situation with my ex that I confronted him and said us just being friends wasn't going to work for me anymore. He said, "If it's between us not being friends and working things out, then I want to work things out." I told him I don't want a commitment from him that his heart isn't in, but he said his heart is in it, he's just scared that he'll get hurt by me again. He phoned me and we discussed the issue some more and he said he does want to be together, but at the same time he needs to ease back into the boyfriend thing. He told me it wasn't in terms of exclusivity b/c he doesn't want to hook up w/other people, but he said "If you don't hear from me for a day and a half, don't think that something's weird." I am all for not getting hardcore into things, but do you guys think it's a bad sign that he's setting up parameters like this already? Even though I don't want to "scare him off," I feel like someone who I'm in a relationship w/would want to talk to me often. We're supposed to go to dinner this weekend, so maybe that would be a good time to ask him about this. What do you guys think??? Thank.

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