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Basically in a conversation online with someone I told him that: "I think I need more female friends instead of repeating the cycle of getting to know one girl, going out with her, having sex and getting into a relationship. I don't mind getting into a relationship, but I am a guy who desires being in sociable situations. Going to a party hosted by friends WITH my girlfriend instead of going to a party with my girl and we're the only one who knows each other. I'm not that ready to be 100% exclusive. I need to have friendships. A safety net..

There are guys I know who have alot of girl buddies and yet are doing well with their relationships."


He replies with: "In my experience, girl friends are pretty worthless. They get all chapped if you nail one of their friends, and lets face it... they really aren't as cool to hang with as the guys. But hey, you might be different, or just need to figure that out on your own. But, if you want to have an romantic relationship with this girl, you need to get that started from the beginning."


So what do you think, guys? Also, my strategy is to go out with the girl, maybe for coffee (the other guy says dinner would be better) and get a feel for if she's interested in going the romantic route or friendship route. But I'll try my best to make it known that I'm interested in her, deeply.

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If you don't want to be exclusive with this girl why don't you ask some of your friends who have girlfriends to go out for a meal and invite her. Explain that you've been invited out and you need a date for the evening. That way you'll get to know how she gets on with other people and if she'll fit in with your idea of a social life.


Good Luck.

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