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a question for the girls

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I started taking the pill about a month ago. I got my period this week. Now I usually get a heavy period, but this month it's extremely heavy this month. Is it normal for your period to get heavier than it already is? and will it settle after i've been on the pill for a while?

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Don't worry! It will take a while for your system to settle down. Sometimes periods can change from month to month. I took the pill for years (I'm 41) and I discovered that one month you might be heavier! That is due to which ovary is being used. Also, I didn't bleed for as many days.


Just make sure you use condoms until the pill covers you properly and you should be alright. IMPORTANT - If you ever have a cold or feel run down make sure you use condoms. Your health can reduce the pills strength!


Hope this helps.


Good Luck

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I would be extremely cautious, as losing a lot of blood can be a dangerous thing. If you are also feeling woosy and the bleeding continues for a long time, I would go back to your doctor and get checked out.


They usually tell you that it takes a few months to get regular etc, but sometimes it is just a matter of you reacting badly to that particular brand of pill. The doctor can easily switch you to a different brand.


A similar situation happened to me and I ended up passing out a few times because I lost so much blood.

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