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Barefoot in the Wet Green Grass

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I took a walk this afternoon

As the rain poured from a gray sky

Barefoot I danced through the puddled pavement

My younger sister splashing closely by


We passed several young couples

Boys mumbling alongside smiling girls with arms outstretched as they ran ahead

"Can we go back inside now?"

One shivering, scowling boy said


My sister and I chuckled at him

Then ran on til' our feet hit the grass

We looked up into the sky

And it rinsed away our past


Then I went to do a cartwheel

My sister egged me on

But that's when we both remembered

You can't do cartwheels

(in public)

With a skirt on


Just my mind running over today's events. Or well, it's 12:43 AM now so I suppose it would be 'yesterday's' events. This isn't my usual style at all...but it made me smile just to remember it. Good grief I love the rain.

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