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A quick poem i wrote in relation to my feelings that im experiencing at the moment.


Hope you enjoy




My heart calls to yours

But there seems to be no one home

I could search the world twice

But we know for you there is no clone


My plane will leave today and my thoughts will be of you

Why didn't I say this earlier? Just let out how I feel?

I had far too much to lose,

Your friendship, your respect, your trust


Sometime in the past, my soul fell over yours

And I will never forget every single smile, the tears and all our hugs

Gallivanting accross the country to just be with you for a day

If any body brought you up my shoulders would just shrug


I ask nothing back from you, not a text an email or call

Before I leave to fly away, I had to reveal my hidden heart

Praying that you know how much I love you so I can simply just move on

If I could sing id be outside your window now singing you the sweetest of all love songs.



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