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Well.. All i've been doing is crying and yes i am way to emotional ... Well this is what happened .. I told this one person something abt this person lets call her Annie .. well its more of my opinion but then she told Annie and i would have never expected her to tell Annie since me and her were best friends but she told annie .. annie got upset and didn't talk to me .. and then i realized that what i did was wrong .. i tried to say sorry to her .. and i did and then she said it was ok but then for the past few days .. she has just been not talkin and been acting really weird around me .. .. I don't get it .. does she not understand to forgive and forget .. what really bugs me the most is that she'll be in my class next year .. and i don't want us to keep fighting .. I don't know what to do .. I hate losing friends and making someone hate on me ... it makes me feel horrible n hurt ..


-- what should i do .. i've already tried sayin sorry ... [/img]

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Let her know how sorry you are, and that you hope there are no bad feelings, Tell her you know what you did was wrong, and wasn't thinking about the negative consequences until afterwards.


Make sure she knows you regret it, and that you hope to start fresh with her. If she says ok, and keep ignoring you.. there's not much more you can do.


Let her go.. you've apologized, and was the bigger person to talk to her afterwards, if she can't forgive/forget, then move on.. sooner or later she'll come around, unless she doesn't, in that case, don't call her a friend.

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I'm sorry to say but that is a consequence of gossiping, which IS what you were doing. Annie might truly forgive you eventually or she might not, but you can't blame her for being angry that you were talking about her.


Learn from this though and never say anything behind a person's back that you wouldn't say to their face. It will save you a lot of problems in life.

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