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Many Questions about Sex / Making Out First timer here

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Alright I new to all this dating stuff but me and my girlfriend want to take things further. But I am really scared. If you could girls and guys answer a few questions then I will know what to do.


* How do you make out your first time with a girl? If you have no clue what you are doing what do you do and any pointers to a guy the first time?

* Having sex when you are not circumcised is their anything bad having sex with a girl while you are uncircumcised? Any pointers on that one and do most girls freak out about it or do they not mind? Because before you put the condom on you pull the skin back and it's like a circumcised penis for the girl? Are there any up and downs while doing it while you're like that?

* Fingering a girl the first time what do you do? I know you stick your fingers down their and in and out but are their any good techniques to do?

* Are their any dangers I need to watch out for?


Its our both time having sex I just want to be prepared

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I don't feel comfortable giving advice on sex to a 15 year old.


If you are going to do it make sure you use precautions.

You don't want to be a 15 year old daddy.


Also, where are you from? it may be illegal to have sex at your age in your country.

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It's good that you want to be prepared, but if you are so nervous and have so many questions, perhaps you aren't ready for this? You'll find all kinds of people saying that they rushed into this stuff before they were ready and regret it. It is better to take your time and fully enjoy each new experience, moving forward when you are both ready and there isn't any doubts or questions in your mind. If you are new to this, then don't rush it. You'll be so scared and nervous that you won't be able to enjoy it, and that just ruins the whole point of doing these things in the first place.


*Making out is just like kissing and touching, only alot more of it. There is nothing to do other then to stop thinking, and go with the flow. And also not to do anything that either of you is uncomfortable with.


*Can't really comment on the sex stuff since I haven't done it either, other then to say that you should already know the dangers. STD's, pregnancy, the emotional attachment that could end up hurting you if you don't stay together... Take it slow. Try enjoying kissing for awhile, making out if you want. What's the rush?

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wow. Im thinking that if you are 15, you should not be asking for any advice about sex. You shouldnt even be thinking about doing any of those things with your girlfriend. SO what, you have sex; what if you get her pregnant. What will you do then? I am seriously doubting that you have considered all of the consiquences of doing what you want to do. How about this: ENJOY your youth. Sex and everything else that you were talking about are serious issuse with todays youth. Hopefully you will mature a little before you do something that you will probably regret. Personally, I hope you dont do anything that you were talking about.

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If you haven;t been goin out with this girl for a long time i wouldn't be thinking about sex either at your age. BUt i did have sex at 16 and i know a lot of guys and girls who have also. It really isn't that unusual.

- kissing was a hard one for me, haha. The only way you'll get good is by doing it a lot.

-Most chics wont care if you're circumsized, i really wouldn't worry about that one.

-sex, ya there are websites to help ya on that one.

good luck.

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*If you haven't made out yet, don't even think about sex for a while.


*Making out isn't hard. I know everyone says it comes naturally, and I'm sure that's the last thing you want to hear. But it really does come naturally. You really can't screw it up. Remember to swallow so there's not a bunch of spit dripping down the sides of your faces. Breathe through your nose, use your tongue, but don't force it. Some girls like it slow and soft, so let your tongue relax a little bit. If you can reach, the roof of the mouth is known to send chills (good ones) down the spine of several girls i know. Just tickle it a little with the tip of your tongue, if you can't reach, that's ok, don't force it you'll wind up grossing her out. But there's really not much you can mess up, just have fun with it and relax.


*Circumsized vs. uncircumsized, i can't really help you there, I've never seen an uncircumsized one. I'm sure it's pretty much the same, just pull the foreskin back if it's not back already before you put the condom on. But again I say...if you haven't even made out yet, don't think about sex. I've read that uncircumsized guys are more sensitive around the head and sex and everything else feels better for them. Which makes sense, the foreskin protects the head, it doesn't rub against underwear constantly like circumsized guy's heads do.


*Fingering....Focus more on the clitoris than just sticking your fingers down there and going in and out. The clitoris is located at the top of the labia, where they meet. It's hard for most guys to find. She'll probably know where it is if you feel brave enough to ask her. It's a little knob/bump sticking out. Some girls don't like direct pressure on it, but if you rub around in that general area you should get some good reactions. There's probably a diagram of the female parts online, you can probably get a link off some other post.


*Dangers - PREGNANCY!! don't have sex until you are absolutely positive you can deal with the consequences of having sex. Make sure you are protected, ALWAYS use condoms. Maybe think of a 2nd method of protection too, Birth Control for her. The first time you do have sex, it probably will hurt for her, so go slow and let her control how fast you enter her.


You're young, don't rush into sex, you want to make sure you won't have any regrets about it. Make sure you and her are both comfortable with yourselves and each other and are prepared to deal with consequences. Have find making out and exploring each other's bodies with your hands, then with your mouths, THEN maybe in a year or so you'll be ready to have sex. Don't just do it to do it. Make sure you both are ready. and Be SAFE! ALWAYS use a condom.

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I have to agree with alot of people here and say - wow, if you haven't made out with this girl i don't think sex is going to be very enjoyable for you.. Why rush into that straight away? Making out rocks! And you can experiment and find out what is nice. It makes the relationship more interesting, also, have you thought that this gilr might really regret just having sex with you straight of for the first time? Having sex straight away might take the fun out of it a bit.. nothing to look forward to!!

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You're quite young to be asking about that kinda stuff, but hey. You gotta learn sometime I guess..


Just go with the flow. There's no "wrong and right" in relationships. Everyone does things differently, and different is often better Gets a little monotonous when people act the same..

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arent you a little young for that? gosh ur only 15!

i think that everyone needs to stop criticizing young people for having sex or whatever.

either way its going to happen, might as well know about it?

or maybe im just saying that because im also young..but seriously..


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Well iono some people hope it helps when they tell someone arnt they a lil young.Because they dont want to see their lives go bad say if they get pregnant or something.My friends mom was 14 when she had him and she has been in debt for so long.She had to drop out of high school and get a really low paying job to barely support my friend.People just hope maybe they get through to these kids to maybe help them.I know its small chance if they use protection but it still happens.

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Then, you could say "make sure you use protection" or something,

tell a girl to go on the pill, tell a guy to use a condom.

and if worst come to worst there are alternatives. like emercency contraption ..or abortion.

and im not saying that that should be used as a back up all the time, and some people might not be down with that.

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