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All cried out...all i did today...please help me....

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Today was a real bad day. Last night my ex and I got into a huge fight....He turned into a thug who doesnt care about anyone but himself. My parents and I fight....I stole money off my dad and got caught....my friends ex boyfriend got into an accident and got a concussion and at 5 in the morning I had to go with her to see him......my dad flipped out about that. And all today I couldnt stop crying.....seriously tears keep coming out of my eyes, and I cant control it. I miss Eddie, and everyone tells me he isnt worth it to move on....but I cant. he did so many things to me that I should hate him but I dont...I feel bad for him, when I should feel bad for myself. Also last night I found out Eddie was trying to make my best friend hate me behind my back...I flipped out. How could something that was suppose to be so good turn sooo bad? I hate it. I hate the fact that I cant pick up the phone and call Eddie, because no matter what I say it doesnt matter he doesnt care. I honestly gave him 1000 words on how I feel and he practically laughed in my face? Wow. Its sucks that I cant make him change. Im so down today...can anyone make me feel better please...please...I need advice...

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Move on. You can't CHANGE people. You should not even try. It is not worth it, and more so it does not work. People can only change for themselves.


You CAN move on from this guy. People move on from all sorts of situations. The only thing holding you to him is your own determination to "change him" and not move on.

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hurtwou, you have to face up to the fact that you made a mistake getting involved with this guy. Don't blame yourself for that - we all make mistakes and it is easy to fall in love with the wrong people.


What is important for you is that you realise he is a waste of space, get him out of your system and find someone worthy of you.


Apologise to your Dad, ask for his understanding and forgiveness and start to take charge of your life. You should not be depending on losers for your happiness - you are worth more than that.

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Everyone has to deal with breakups in their life. anyone can tell you that only time will heal the pain. I can understand that no one wants to wait to get over someone, but thats the only way it will happen. You miss having him around, thats very understandable, but you will get over that.

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