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Can it ruin everything? Your thoughts.

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I have been spending time with one of the greatest guys that I have ever known. We have worked together nearly two years and have always been cool with eachother. He first invited me out to a movie and we had a blast, it was friendly, but you could feel "something" there. Since the movie we have been to a couple of the same parties (each hoping the other was there).


I moved to an apartment near my college and he happened to live in the same vicinity. We began to run at night together and afterward we would get in to very long and wonderful conversations until sun-up! A bond grew between us more so than ever and I would wake up each morning feeling like the most special thing on earth.


Last week we went together to a dinner at my girlfriend's house. After the dinner we cruised around the city and listened to music. Just an excuse to spend as much time as the night would allow (like always!) It got late and he took me home. He seemed nervous, LoL and admitted he felt like he was going to have a heart attack (in a good way) because of me, I guessed "What do you want to kiss me or something?" and he said "Yep!" The kiss felt wonderful because it was from him, this guy Ive grown fond of over 2 years and bonded closely with just recently.


That kiss led to a make-out session of immense proportions \ ! There was a lot of passion between us because of our feelings for one another. It led to us having sex that same day....great great great sex ( now at least 6 more times or so). The next day I felt a little stress and told him that I do want to lose sight of what is imprtant which is the bond God gave him and I . We could do so much with it and, I want to! Sex could make that go away yes/no?


Last night, He took me on a beautiful date that has been in much anticipation. The whole time he was heart felt with me but sexually flirty too. I was feeling a little bothered because I do not just want this from him and I want him to know that I have much more to offer than just sex. As remarkably close as we have gotten i would think he knew my capabilities. What is everyone's opinion on two friends (or more than friends) having sex?

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I think you should discuss with him if he wants a relationship or wants to stay friends. I wouldnt allow this to just be sex between friends without some sort of a compromise/deal or whatever u want to call it.

If you are so close to him, you shouldnt have a problem discussing this with him, it should come some sort of naturally you know?

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Hi, I have had the same experience with someone most recently. It was a girl that I was in love with that moved away when we were Fr. in HS. We stayed in touch and our friendship grew very strong cos we stayed in good touch and stuff. We would talk about Bf's/Gf's, I felt really jealous and so did she. Recently we got together finally.. \ as you put it. I was on top of the world. We talked it over and it seemed like this was gonna last. From there the story gets sad.. She now claims that she wants time to grow seperatly from eachother that way we dont influence eachothers decisions. I think it's total BS, and you will probably hear me cry about it on a fresh post where I am in need of a different perspective and opinion. And I was very hurt. Im telling you this because my story seems close to yours. Except mine was not a happy endind. So im saying be careful cos after the sex... somethings change. Im sure he is a good guy and won't blow you over, but even now you can never be to careful.. Good luck to ya

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