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are there girls in the same boat?

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I'm a 19 year old guy and I've never been on a date, kissed a girl, been in a relationship..whatever..I just wanted to know if there were any girls who at 19, have never been on a date, kissed a guy either. Its kind of weird but for some reason, I tend to think that I'd like my first kiss to be with someone else who's first kiss it is also. Is this unrealistic?

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I can't speak personally, my first kiss and relationship are long gone down the road of memories, but I do know or have known women that are in a similar boat.


So it isn't an unrealistic expectation, just a bit harder to find I suppose. From what I've noticed for those I know, they're a shy lot and not too outgoing in the matter of pursuing dates with anyone. Not always of course.


These days as you know, kissing and the whole bit is popular early on but there will always be the traditional lady sorts which reserve it all until they've found the perfect someone and haven't any problems expressing that thought and managing their actions.

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Dont worry dude m and all my friend have never had gf's except for one because he was mr.hot and mr charisma and he was my best friend tho so i wont be mad at him for being lucky ya so thats like 5 including me that have never had a gf we were the losers without girls in high school.But i can say one thing i did enjoy spending all my time hanging around with them instead of being in a relationship that prolly would of went to crap like many of them.So just enjoy what u got now.

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I am 19. I was kissed long ago, and I had only kinda b/f's. I never really went out on a date but in 7th grade I had my only "real" relationship, and it was long distance. It didn't really work well, but w/e. I finally have a real b/f now, and it was quite worth the wait. Don't worry there are others out there like you.

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yep im in this boat, n its crap, im 18, i go out with mates n stuff, but i havent had a proper romantic kiss with any guy really, never had a boyfriend,n it really gets to me, all my mates have bf's, n i hate feeling odd!

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