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I was talking to my best friend til late last night. and i like my bestfriend, i have told him this. Well he has done some things that make him seem VERY gay/bi. he just broke up with his girlfriend last week... and well he tells me hes not gay but he said that Vin Diesel was hot... uh i would have to say im a bit confused at the moment. What does this mean...?

And hes really been getting on my nerves lately. hes been making fun of me, not like bad but really minor. and im about ready to beat the crap out of him all up and down his freak'n driveway

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alright, i dont think he was serious bout that, like i think by sayin that he just meant that girls find him hot, hes tryin to relate wiht ya. soo i doubt hes gay,as for why hes bein mean, well idk wat to tell ya unless i heard ike everythin thats happened for awhile... but to just give general advise bout likin best friends... try to make it obvious that u like em, guys like to know theres no risk in askina girl out, and knowin u like him will be that safty to him.

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well, if he tells you that he isn't, there's a good chance he's telling the truth. if you don't think that he is, then try making sure that he trusts you, because he probably wouldn't tell you something so personal unless he really trusts you. also, about the vin diesel thing...maybe he's just a very open kind of guy. for example, i'm not attracted to girls, but sometimes i'll bring up how hot a female movie star is or something, because i'm very open minded.

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