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Baby, we gots to talk. i'm not mad at you and i DO NOT want to split up so don't freak out. I love you and I want to help you but i can't do that if you don't tell ME what's going on. i'm always here for you and you know that. i'm just a 10 minute walk away. Please come talk to me.



I love you so much! *hugs,kisses and all that fun stuff*





love forever and always

your baby

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Hey Girl,


I'm back.


Wow, it looks like alot went down this week while I was away. How are things with Josh now? Is that him that posted on your thread?


How are you feeling today?




were good i guess... ya it is. im tired n im n a really really bad mood n im about to kill joshs lil bros n cuzs cept harley hes cute

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So it's OK with you that he reads your thread and knows what's going on then?


This could be a good thing for you if you both know the truth about how each of you feels, but it kinda makes you wonder why you can't tell each other to your faces.

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I can't be 100% sure, but based on what he said on your thread here, he seems to care about you very much and wants to help you. I think that says alot for the kind of person he is, and you could really use someone on your side that is right there with you, wouldn't you agree?


He's still here, and that means something.

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