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Can't Sleep!!!! Whats Wrong???

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hey yall. for the past few night i havent been able 2 sleep at night. i feel extremely tired but cant go 2 sleep. yesterday i came home from work on lunch and i fell asleep. it seems a if i can sleep during the day but not at night when i need it. i also have this nervous feeling going all throughout my body. and even when i get 2 go to sleep i wake up like every hour and i dont know why. i stayed home from work today cuz i dont feel right. im gonna go get some sleeping pills for tonight and see how that goes. but i need some suggestions?? ive never had a problem with sleep before.


thanx guys

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Ya i have the same exact problem and i cant sleep and its making me so sleepy.My mom said it is these video games which i play late sometimes.But like tonight since i got home from work i tried to fall asleep for the last 7 hours and couldnt.Maybe we both just have some insomnia problems diva cause this has started happening to me just a lil while ago like u.Ive gotten like 12 hours of sleep in like the last week what about you?

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The best cure to not sleeping is exercise. Get out and use up energy.

After wearing yourself out you must stay awake until you feel very tired. [i.e. At night.] Then go to sleep and wake up early the next morning.


The early morning will help you feel tired when night comes around.


Sleeping tablets that i have used are not effective and you can become reliant on them. Try and do without them.


Good Luck. Db

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well it just started on sunday evening. i believe its because i went to a concert sat. night and didnt get home till after 4. also i was sleeping most of the day. so i guess my body got used to sleeping during the day. since ive been home i got some rest and feel a little better. but im still gonna take sleeping pills for like 2 nights so i can sleep at night cuz thats when i need it most. but i have a doctors appt. on friday, so if i still feel this way then i will talk to him. and i think i may go kickboxing tomar night

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I'm having the same problem at the moment and unfortunately its been going on for weeks. I'll either not be able to get to sleep or I'll wake up at 2/3am and not be able to get back to sleep!

Ive tried unisom which is non habit forming but that only really works when I wash it down with a beer (which you're not supposed to do -naughty!) but at this point I'll do anything to sleep. Its weird because I'll toss and turn all night and then when its about half an hour before the alarm goes off I'll drop off to sleep, its so unfair!


I feel your pain believe me..

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hey there,


be careful with your caffiene and sugar intake as this will affect your sleep. this includes coffee, coke, mountain dew. there are a lot of things that have caffiene in them that you would not relaize. this messes with your central nervous system and your ability to relax and achieve deep sleep.


also watch your nutrition and make sure you are getting a lot of veges. balance is key. don't just eat burgers. and get at least 3 days exercise per week or simply go running. cardio is the best i find at least for myself.


just be careful you dont end up on the stimulant/depressant bandwagon. that is beer and alcohol at night and coffee in the morning. it may work for a while but in the end will screw up your systm.



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