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Soldier Wondering How to Cope with his LDR

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I am 22 yrs old and my Finace 20 are having to go through a LDR because I am deployed over to iraq...Things are going pretty good in my opinion we love each other so much, I recently just went back home on leave and let me tell you it was just what the doctor called for! However since I have returned to the Blazing underworld called Iraq i feel as if we are having problems, The amount of emails I get have slowed, I still get some just not as many, and when I ask her to get online I get "OK sweetheart" and then nothing comes of it. I usually try and call her once a day and talk to her on AIM at another point during the day, Latley I have our conversations to be kind of one sided. Is it just cause of the fact that we talk to each other so much theres nothing to talk about? I cant help thinking that something is amiss even though when I ask her if shes ok...I get a "Everything is Fine" and we are good and Im never going to leave you reply. I guss Im confused and a little insecure about things. I dont really know what to think. It would be great to get some advice and reassurance to how I can help things to get back to the way they were before leave. Thx

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What is LDR?


I have tons of experience with this sort of thing.

First off, the insecurity comes from within you. When you are full of confidence nothing can touch you. For me it happens like this: I start checking out some fine opposite, just a look maybe-or make plans to get down with her. Then days, or weeks later, whether I've cheated for real with her or not I start getting nervous and jealous and insecure.


We can not ever prevent someone from lying to us. If that is what they are going to do you'll have to deal with it then. Being jealous all the time and suspicious can harm the relationslip as well. Feels very oppressive to the other and they will want to get out in some way as a result. Maybe every day is not to much for you and your temperment but perhaps your mate has a different temperment. Others will help out with the other parts.

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