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Two questions on Emotional Unavailability and Friendship

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A) Too the emotionally unavailable (or formerly emotionally unavailable) Anybody ever broken up with somebody or avoided dating somebody that you strongly connected with emotionally because you were afraid of rejection?


B) Second Question: How many of you have remained friends with somebody after you broke up with them or they broke up with you? Did it cause any tension/problems?

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Napoleon, I just broke up with a girl that has a serious problem with being emotionally sensitive to people, and that has caused her to be cold and cruel towards me or others when she's cranky or in a bad mood. I personally think it's no excuse to be nasty to someone else if you're tired, hungry, or cranky, but that's just me. I tried to remain friends with her these past few weeks, but she has finally started to withdraw from me completely. I must say it is bitter-sweet as I am still missing her, but in my head I know she was unstable to be around. With that said, I don't think ex's can truly be friends in the immediate time around a breakup. I think that it takes lots of time and seperation before you can truly come back to each other without any feelings of regret, remorse, or anger.


It really stings in the short term to be removed from someone that you had a deep emotional connection with, but in the long run it is definitely best for your sanity.

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Q A. I'm not emotionally unavailable and I don't understand how people can close off like that. Its a very important part of life to go through the hurt of heart break but you know what, you live through it. Life goes on and you learn. It hurts so much when it happens but it doesn't kill you though sometimes you wish it would, but to not love again is worse and to be alone for the rest of your life would hurt more. Give in to your feelings, we must learn from our mistakes and from others.


Q B. I think you can be friends with ex's but not too soon and certainly not while one still feels something for the other. But to write off ex's completely I just don't understand, someone who has been your life, your best friend for so long and to salvage nothing from that would be a waste.

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