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[/b]Wow I have no Idea where to start this topic. I guess I could start it with I'm under a lot of stress right now and don't know how to handle it or if its stress at all?


The past couple of week I have not been able to sleep that good. What I mean by not sleep so good is that I will fall asleep out of being tried with a million thought going on inside my mind. (I'm going to be a senior in high School this coming school year (September.)) I'm thinking about whether or not if I should join the military when I get out of school or that mater what I want to do, job wise out of school or where I'm going to get the money. NOTE that my parents make too much money to get the student aid/scholarships but are in debt so they really can't help out!!!


I CANT MAKE UP my mind ... This past week I just started a job at McDonalds its ok but for some reason I been thinking about that also when I try to sleep at nigh!!! LOL


Also I have been think about getting together with this girl that I had a crush on for a couple of years but she is only going to be sophomore (2 grades below me) this coming year. Thinking but the age gap or if there is a age gap I'm confuse about that issue???


so that is alittle bit of what I'm think about/ dealing with


I'm I stress out??? Could you also give advice about (how I could sleep easier") the other issues like what to do down the road as a job or is it normal and ok for a senior to date a sophomore??? Please help!!!

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Yes it's normal to stress during a major life transition. As far as the education, that was my problem. Now I know you can get low rate loans, due when you stop attending for 6 months or graduate. You can also speak with the financial aid office they'll be able to offer you the most insight as to programs available. Figure out where you want to go and work it from there.


Not sure what else you're stressing about but writing used to help me. I had a notebook by my bedside just to release whatever thoughts were flowing. Then I could go to sleep. I'd often get drowzy while writing.

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