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The dreaded beach.

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Hi guys. My girlfriend wants to take me to the beach on Saturday


I'm subconscious about my body, my chest and tummy area are, well, flabby.


I'm about 6'0 and now 195 pounds, is there any way to get over this self-consciousness or do I just have to do massive cardio and slim myself down?


Thanks guys.

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Wear a white (looks good, and white is best when it's hot/sunny out) t-shirt and trunks. You don't have to go shirtless when you go to the beach. If you feel comfortable with taking it off, then do so. If you take your shirt off, put some sun screen on. It's so easy to get sun burnt on the chest or back or arms, and it's very uncomfortable.


I'm 5'10'' and 195 lbs, btw, so I know how it feels. No one really cares at the beach, really. That is of course until you wear nothing at all.

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I think everyone is a little self conscious at the beach...none will be looking at you like you think they will. It is all about you being self conscious, beleieve me, i am the same way sometimes about dancing, i think eveyone is watching me and waititng to laugh, it really destroys being in the moment and having fun.


Not an easy thing to deal with. Do a search on Google about being self conscious or overcoming self consciousness behavoir, lots of information.


I know advising you is easy. And you going through with it is challenging, so i will leave it at that.

Best of luck, enjoy the beach.

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is there any way to get over this self-consciousness or do I just have to do massive cardio and slim myself down?


In addition to the mental benefits of exercise, come the physical benefits as well. I preach, and will continue to preach the benefits of regular exercise - whether it's weight training, cardio training, or a combination of both (best). If you do start doing massive cardio today, you should not expect to reap the benefits immediately (meaning you will not see an immediate change in your body). Your diet is even more important than how many miles you can run, so be sure to modify your diet if you plan on changing the shape of your body.


There are many resources on how to lose fat, gain muscle. I recommend a book called, "The Men's Health Cover Model Workout" by Owen McKibbin. IF you get a chance to read it, he has a total body workout and also gives some meal plans. He's one of the few who emphasizes the importance of training your most important muscle in your body - the heart. Good luck and live strong.

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The Abs Diet book is also a great refrence for dieting... has some unusal ingredients to purchase flax seed and other things as well, but oerall a good source for weight reduction and nutrition fot the body.

Also check out Mens Health magazine, loaded with information on shaping up the bod.

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Thank you Chai..


Yeah...im not into fad diets, but i was looking for a healthier way to eat, and feel more energetic, i am not a gym buff, and right now couldnt afford one easily, but the book has some good sources for energy and good info on raising ones metabolism.

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I personally always seem to notice people trying to hide their bodies at the beach more than the actual size of their bodies itself.


I think working out is a great way to shape up and feel better about yourself. I always feel good after a great work out session. Work out right before the beach. People always look the most toned right after.

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brando is right that being self conscious can spoil the fun, and not only for yourself. I remember being at a beach with a bf who completely refused to go swimming with me because he would have to take his t-shirt off. He had a belly and was very self conscious about it, but I did not mind his looks at all. I pointed out other guys to him who were like twice his belly size and did not have any problems taking their shirt off and lying in the sun, but my bf kept refusing. We could have had so much fun together if he had not been so stubborn... It was really an idyllic place, a beach at a lake surrounded by mountains... I ended up swimming alone while he was watching.


I am of course self conscious about my body too but I try to not let it stop me from having fun. For instance, when I want to go for a swim at the beach, I hold my belly until I am in the water and nobody can see it anymore ;-) And you know, swimming is a very good physical exercise!!

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Thank you for all your advice.


I know that if I am self-conscious it will ruin the day for both of us, and I will try my best not to be.


It's just really hard when you have an image of yourself that you think everybody else sees.

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