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What are the chances??

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Me and my boyfriend had sex that last time I was at his house which was like 2 weeks ago. We're both 19. The last time I started my period was June 17th. It usually lasts 5-7 days. The time between periods can range from 25-35 days, the past 4 have been closer to the 25 days than the 35 days. It's now 30 days. I'm very active and run over 45 miles a week normally. Since I finished my period last time it has been considerly less than that...maybe 20 miles a week. We had sex, we used a condom like we always do. He also pulled out before he ejaculated. I'm not on birth control. After the came and pulled out, he layed on top of me for a little while just wanting to stay close for a little longer, it probably was 20 seconds if that. He was taking the condom off and looked at the end of it (not the tip part) for a while, I'm not sure why, but he said it's not ripped or anything I'm just looking. I have no idea what that means. I think I have an infection right now somewhere in my body, could that delay a period? Could my drop in exercise be the cause of it? Could me stressing about a SLIGHT injury i have which caused the drop in exercise be the problem?? I think I'm just being paranoid. But what are the chances that we could be pregnant?

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I think it's too early to tell. I don't think a pregnancy test will be accurate at this point. You'll need to wait a little longer. I'd say since you used a condom, and it didn't break then your chances are slim. Sounds like your bf checeked to make sure it wasn't broken, so I'd say the chances of you being pregnant are small. Possible, but small.

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DI93 and actually all posters....you should READ the original post BEFOER responding.


I said we used a comdom and he pulled out also, sort of like a double protection sort of thing. I know pulling out isn't effective, that's why that isn't teh only "protection" that we used. Yeah, Birth control would put my mind at ease, but that would mean telling my mom that i'm sexually active and she still treats me like I'm a little kid.

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It is possible to be pregnant...even with condoms of course there is always a chance (they have a 90-95% effective rate, meaning there is a 5-10 in 100 chance).


But since you have irregular periods, it would be hard to tell when you would of been ovulating - normally it is two weeks before period.


I say since you had intercourse 2 weeks ago, you would be okay to take a test right now just to make sure, usually two weeks after conception you can test which is usually missed period. If it is negative, and you still have no period in a week, test again.


Some changes in your body such as infection, change in diet and exercise can indeed change your cycle or cause you to miss periods....though usually a reduction in exercise would not do so. However, if you are stressed out about this or other things, it can also delay it.


I say take a test now, if negative try again in a few days if still no sign of period. If positive, well get yourself to doctor asap.


Why would you have to tell your mom if you went on pill/birth control? Doctors cannot disclose that, and there are many teen/free health clinics that can keep costs down or even free....they cannot tell your parents due to confidentiality. Not only that but you are over age of consent.

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One more thing....I've been feeling like 2 or 3 little twinges...like a little cramp....on my right side where my ovary is. Could that be me ovulating? Could it be that I'm just a little late due to some long travel, stress, and a possible infection?

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I am not sure how old u are, but i am going to say this because i have learned the hard way. U need to see a gynecologist if u are sexually active. There are alots of ways to get around the parents. First, create some kind of problem such as an infection, not to serious, that u will have to go see one. U can even ask your physician for the birthcontrol. By law they can't rebveal it to your parents, at least not in NY. if using parents' insurance, then make sure u collect that particular mail before it comes. I never seen a prescription bill come in the mail by the insurance company. The birth controll especially the patch was not that expensive more like $20 a month without any insurance

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