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hand gesturs

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I know one of the biggest wayys

to improve your comminication

skills is to do a lot of

hand gesturs and I'd like to be

more approachable and more confident


anyone know of any good wayys to commincate

like hand gesturs...How do you do hand gesturs

with out messing up. I mean It's just

something Ive been wanting to improve.


and i know theres always roomf or improvement.



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Laugh. It helps your communication big time. I mean don't laugh at everything, but when some one makes a joke don't just smile and nod just let out a good laugh. It makes you appear more outgoing and confident in yourself.


As for hand gestures, don't stand with your arms crossed, be open, speak in a clear voice

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You can learn a lot by observing. Hand gestures aren't going to be something you can do by just a few words of advice. The hand gestures usually take care of themself if you are into the conversation. It adds more dynamic when you're talking, and gives the listener a more visual sense of what you're talking about. Most often, if you are really into something, your hands will do it automatically.


Do you ever watch presentations (where someone is standing up presenting something)? If you flip to those CSPAN type channels, every once in a while they'll have a presenter. That MIGHT help you, I don't know.


Or try out a public speaking class.

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