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So I have graduated, and now some things are getting on my nerves...


My family keeps preassuring me to apply for jobs I have no interest in whatsoever. They seem to think that any job requiring computer skills is a job for me. My grandparents tried to talk me into applying for a job as a "Statistical Data Analyst." I have no real knowledge of statistics. I took a class in it three years ago, but honnestly don't remember much. I had to take it to fullfill my math reqirements. I did well in the class, but don't know enough to take a job doing it. Because the ad asked for good computer skills though, they figured it was right up my alley. I was an art major...


My grandma said something the other day that really ticked me off. My brother just graduated from high school too, and they are doing the same thing to him. But anyway, grandma was telling me they are trying to get my brother to get into this welding training program at a local plant. Then she said "You should get into it too, welders make good money." If I wanted to be a welder, I would have skipped college and went to trade school!!!


They are really pushing me hard to get my brother a job where I work. He doesn't want to work there, and if he doesn't apply, there isn't much I can do about getting him in there, is there? Yet they act like it's my responsibility somehow. I told my grandma today about a full time position that opened up where I work (I am still technically a part time employee, even though I work 40 hours a week>) SO I am telling her about this full time position, and that I am going to find out the details after lunch. She said "Well that would be really good for your brother. You should ask about it." Then I told her I was asking about it for myself. I may not stay at this job for life, but it would be nice to have paid vacation time, prophet sharing, etc, even if just for a little while before something else comes along.


My hubby's family is very condescending to me at times because I have a Batchelor of Fine Arts. They seem to think me digree means nothing because it's in art. I guarontee I worked just as hard as a math major, history major, etc, if not harder.


I am just sick of all this. I know what my plans are. I just want to live my life without them telling me what's best for me...

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Just ignore them until you do get a job in your field. Look for stuff that interests you, they aren't gonna shut up until you do something with your degree so just keep looking, let them know of any jobs you HAVE applied for, and if something DOESN't interest you let them know its not in your area of interest and you would be miserable in a job like that. I am in the same place so i have to do this with my folks all the time

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They seem to forget all the free-lance work I am doing too. I am currnetly illustrating a Tarot Deck that will be submitted for publication very soon. I am also building a business website for a local clothing designer, and I may be photographing a calander too, (haven't heard back about that one yet, but they are interested in me.)


Some of the best artist's in the world do free-lance work and commissions on top of their "day job."

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