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Attention seeker with bf - got angry with her tonite!

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Didnt think she was a AW till tonite, shes been quite flirty even tho she has had a bf


we were talking on msn and i mentioned i thought some gal was cute, she said "how would you rate me 1-10" so i said 7/8 i think ur cute, she said cute but not gf material? i said not while ya have a bf, now u rate me, after not wanting to do it she gave me a high 6 and said i had some things better than others, i didnt ask what, then i had to go and so did she so she said text me coz im bored, so i said if ur lucky! then she said "fine dont love me anymore" i said u wish i did, she said do i, so i text her a bit later saying "yeh and i know u do"


anyway we were chatting (texting) and i said "so if ur bored why dont ya chat to ur bf?" she said "coz hes working, and has no credit, if u dont wanna chat then just dont i can take a hint" i said i do and will but just rather be 1st choice rather than someone to fall back on! she said if thats the way u feel like it dont text me, i said well i will coz i have nothing better to do, and told her to make me something if shes bored,


after joking about that i said "when can i get it?" she said not till september coz i wont see ya before then (thats when college starts) so i said "why wont u see me before then?" she said coz "im not gonna see ya unless u come over here" at this point i was annoyed and just said


"well i aint travelling that far to see a gal, especially not one wit a bf lol, call me when ya change ur mind and are in town, until then toodles x"


she hasnt replied, have i done ok here?


have i been rude? or done good?


ta for help

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