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Been working out for three months.

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I have been training my chest so it can get bigger for the last three months, two times a week. My question is why is it still a bit small and don't show any visuable curve. Curves that can make a person say, this guy work out his chest. The curve near the nipple is what i want to accomplish. Are there specific exercises to work out that specific part of the chest? ( I have tried Dumbell Bench Press, Bench Press, Incline Dumbell Presses and Bench Presses) Or they will form eventually if i continue working out my chest consistently? Any advice will be welcome

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It's not just how much you train, it is HOW you train.


Your body adapts to the same exercises reducing gains...are you ever increasing weights or reps?


Add some flys in there, pullovers, even pullups & pushups.


You should also be training the opposing muscles (back muscles) when you do the chest...


And it is also about how you eat. Ensure you take a protein supplement (whey protein smoothie for example) after a workout.


And...cardio. If you have muscle but a thick layer of fat, you won't see the muscles "cut". Also get some cardio during the week to shed fat stores.

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what I did to get my chest muscled out with curves was simple. i started doing push-ups. I started at 10 push-ups a day each day. the next week i did 20 everyday, the next week 30 a day, and just keep adding more each week. It worked for me because it was quick and simple each day but still worked. It wont get you massive or anything, and you might already be too strong for this but it's a possibility to try.


Other than that I would recommend you extend your work outs with the equipment to 3 times a week and don't get discouraged, these things do take time. And also make sure you get a lot a protein so the muscles have a chance to grow. good luck

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How about giving it a little more time, Rome wasnt built in a day, and i dont think it was built in 3 months either. You're going to get a chest, try working it times a week instead.


More is not better. It is about efficency, not quantity. Work it too much and you will destroy, rather than build muscle. You build strength between workouts, not during them as your muscle rebuilds. If it does not get time to rebuild, it will not grow.

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Well with muscle development its going to depend how lean you are, this will determine how much of your progress will show. I peronally wouldnt work out your chest more than twice a week otherwise your muscles wont have the proper time to heal. I am going to suggest that you do a wider variety of chest excercises, you seem to already have the bench press pretty much covered but what you need to concentrate on are flys. You should also switch up your work out so that atleast your grips are different every other time you work out.

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Elfdrinkingtea, I have an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree in exercise and sport science. I have worked with people in your situation on a daily basis. The problem is your training. Like losing fat, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific area to lose fat or gain muscle. As far as muscle goes... You need to start working other areas of your body to see improvements in the desired area. For example: Doing squats and leg exercises will increase your bodys natural hormone release. This will help muscles grow. Another area of thought.... This holds true and is a very basic concept. Say you want big arms... it is not going to give you the best benefit sitting there and doing curls for the girls all day. You will need to strengthen your forearms, and your tricepts. This will allow you to perform better technique and create balance in muscle strength. So your chest is what you want to work....You must gain strength in your arms, back, and shoulders as well as targeting your chest. Huge pecs are not just going to be there some day. Another question I wwill ask... So say your could just have a bigger chest someday... How is the rest of your scrawny body going to look with your strangely large man-boobs? Here is a workout that will give you fairly fast results. Do a google search and look up german volume training or the 10 sets method. I am not going to lie to you. This will be HARD! It could make you want to puke if you do it right but, it will give you great results. Let me know after a month.

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I Run Four times a day, two miles, and i also do push ups. May be unborndevil is right i should give it more times. THx guys


Maybe you should read some of the other posts from people with training or whom are competitive athletes (me) first....while I am not saying unborn devil is wrong, his sounded like an uneducated guess and not founded on true research and education about fitness. Like I said MORE is not better in terms of weight training and will not get you what you want.


My boyfriend trained & lived with a professional bodybuilder for a long time, and learned a lot. And there too...more workouts won't necessarily equal more gains in mass/strength.


Cardio will aslo reduce gains in mass, so you need to be aware of that. Maybe go for functional strength rather they "aethestic" strength.

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I think your problem is that you are over-training.. in other words you are concentrating too much on a specific part of your body too long during the week. IT is best to give your muscles TIME to re-generate. They begin to grow when you are resting, not pushing weights. Maybe your problem is that you are over-training yourself, without giving yourself time for your muscles to grow to their potential.

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