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Meditation, Tantra and other new age stuff

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All my life I've been somewhat spiritual...I've never followed a particular path when it comes to religion, but I've always been intriqued by it. Recently I've been starting to read more about Tantra (not the Westernized sexual aspect of it) and meditation.


I've found a couple books on ebay in regards to Tantra but I am really interested in finding out more about meditation and self-hypnosis. I want to be able to find out more about these thoroughly intriquing subjects, but I need suggestions as to what books I should be seeking out.


Does anyone have any experience with these topics and have any suggestions to where I should look? I prefer books as opposed to online resources, but if you know of any websites that are informative, please let me know.



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Given the particular websites that seem to be out there concerning tantra, its difficult finding resources that are actually based more than just a satisfying sexual experiece. What you do need to know about tantra is its actual purpose is to achieve a higher level of consciousness through sex. I would recommend that you start off with yoga and work your way up to tantra because both use hindu concepts that can be difficult to initially understand.

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I was under the impression that, while sex was a large part of Tantra, it was really the discovery of becoming whole.


From what I have read so far, it is a matter of changing ones self to no longer say no but to say yes. It reduces conflict and allows ones self to 'go with the flow', reduce conflict.


However, I'm no expert hence my desire to learn more. Although interested in Tantra, I'm really interested in anything that will expand my consciousness and level of understanding about what we are and who I am.

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