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Just depressed i guess

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It took me 4 hours to convince myself I should get out of bed today. I spent the entire morning attempting to read a book and listening to music. And when I closed to eyes to get some sleep I just start thinking, so it was back to the reading and music. I didn't see the point in getting up. Of course there were hundreds of things to organise and do but for once, I just didn't care anymore. It was all pointless rubbish anyway. I wanted to call somone, then realised everyone was of having a life on their own - either too busy working or doing something productive with their life. Everyone except me. And when I did eventually get out of bed, I didn't feel like eating. I'm losing weight but still feel like a cow. Actually, I didn't feel like anything.


But thats the stange thing - I'm not suppose to be unhappy. I just passed my exams, going a good course, have somewhere to live and can always scum a few dollars off my folks when I need to. So being unhappy with myself and my life makes me feel guity and selfish (considering all the poor, starving people out there!). Just adds to my depression. Yet I feel strangely empty inside. Sometimes when I'm at the hospital, I look at people fighting to stay alive and I want to tell them - hey, want to trade since you're so interested in living? It becomes all a joke to me. People fear when the world would end. Me? I just wish it'd come soon.


I don't know why I'm writing this so I should probably stop now.

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Shes right, your at the right place to find help about this stuff. Everybody gets depressed about stuff on a constant basis, its just a fact of life. I once spent the whole summer pretty much by myself with nothing to do cuz I didnt have a job, no gf at the time, and my friends were all working. It was like the worst time in my life, but eventually things got better and now I couldnt be more happier. Maybe you should take a trip to the mall or something and just walk around for a little to get things off your mind and hopefully you might meet someone cool. Never give up on you life, its far too precious of a gift to throw away.

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hey, cheer up. i wouldnt pretend to know what your going through and i believe that it is a genuine problem. i was and still have times when i get so depressed. but i picked up a sport and started playing and i started getting good and i began to wonder what else i could improve on. it just spread over into many other areas of my life. so pls dont give up hope, its very precious. your a very unique and precious being. i am yet to meet a useless or worthless person. you are precious. feel free to ask questions

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