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me and my gf have been together for 1.5 years, and we are absolutely crazy about each other. We are so happy together and I couldnt imagine myself with any one else. The thing is, we are basically polar opposites. I know they say opposites attract, and that may be true, but can opposites last together? It's so frustrating because she likes lots of alone time, and I want lots of time with her. She always wants to go out and always be doing new things, and Im happy just sitting on the couch watching TV. She has almost no sex drive, and I always want it. I always try talking to her about this stuff, but it never seems to get anywhere. I really dont know what else I can do, but I want it to work out between us. Please help guys...

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Sure opposites can work but you have to have some things in common and you have to both enjoy doing some things together.


Instead of focussing on where you are opposite, try working out what you enjoy together. If they outweigh the things that keep you apart then you can make it work.

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Sure people with some opposite interests can be very happy together..however there also have to be some mutual interests in common for that shared experience, or at least an interest in learning the other persons's interest at times...an enthusiasm for your partners passions/interests and support is very important.


Also there are some things where being 'opposites' can be destructful including around financial personalities, values/morals, raising children, and goals for the relationship to just mention a few.

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You sound like myself, and your girlfriend sounds like my ex. I believe that a lot of opposites can make it work when the opposite compliment one another and they work at making the relationship work. You said that you are very happy and have been with her for over a year. I have a good feeling that your relationship can and will work. =)

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