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ok sooooo........ ive had a knot in my breast for the past year...... i never paid much attention to it till now... its really starting to bother me, and about 5 years ago my mom had a few and they said if they didnt remove them, they could cause cancer...... so now im not sure if im just being paranoid or if i really have something to worry about..... i havnet talked to anyone about it cuz i just feel supid, like im just being too paranoid...

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Yes, go see a doctor. It's the wise thing to do. Taking care of your health means checking out things that might be harmful.


Don't be scared though. Lots of women have cysts in their breasts. They're not necessarily cancerous, but it's good to have it checked to make sure.


You will have peace of mind after you see a doctor. Don't be afraid of what the diagnosis might be. Think of it like having your car tuned up (sorry, not an elegant comparison, but it's true). It's something you do regularly so it keeps running well. Same with our bodies. Be smart and make an appointment today.


And I hope you feel better!

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My housemate is the same age as me, and she had something that felt like a lump. She had a female doctor at the time, and even though she was only 23 then, they had her have a mammogram. Turned out to be a swollen breast gland, due to hormonal inbalances around the periods. Not a problem but what a relief! Just go to the doctor, especially if your mom had this. They will understand your concern.



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so i talked to my mom. and shes pretty upset that ive kept this from her for half a year (actually its been over a year, but i think shed b less mad if i said 6 months) and now i have to go to the Dr..... but ive never been to the GIRLY dr.... and im scared outta my mind. but question...... im nly 17......... this couldnt b any type of cancer or anything could it?? i mean my mom had one and they said if she left it there too long it could become cancerous........ needless to say she had it removed...... maybe ive just freaked myself out, but like my hairs been falling out...... a lot lately..... ugh i feel so stupid but i just dont know who to go to about this stuff.......

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