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What happened to undying love?

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So, I've posted before about a relationship going wrong, but god I love her. (check under fonzman) You know? I don't want to give up, I want to keep letting her know I'm still here and love her and will forever....

What happened to the days when a neverending love was cherished? When a person really had unconditional love for someone and it mattered? I've been living in the bottle for two weeks and still can't meet anyone that's appealing and still can't stop thinking about my girl! Oh my god! Why? Why must a girl take a relationship, that's darn near perfect and throw it to the side? All to have fun and have a little "freedom" at this point in her life. No I'm not controlling, no I haven't cheat, and no I've never smothered her. I learned from past relationships and used it in this one and you know what? Good guys still finish last, always. I'm so tempted to go breaking hearts because that's all that's been done to me. I'm broken hearted, frustrated, and down right angry. Guys: have you been here? Girls: why do you do this to the perfect guy you are always looking for?

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Hi, sorry to hear you are having a tough time. You don't say how long you were together but if you are feeling as bad as you say now is not really the right time to be looking for a new partner.


Try taking some time for yourself to get over your ex. I know it is tempting to use alcohol to help you through but hopefully you also know that it will only create problems and will solve none.

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The thing about love is you cannot control how the other person feels. You love her with as much as you can, but she still found you lacking in some respect and so did what she did. She threw your love aside, because to her, it was still not enough. I don't believe in the whole thing that nice guys finish last. They don't have to. They just need to understand that till they meet the "right girl" for them, they will have relationships that fall apart for one reason or another. Drinking isn't going to bring her back. She's made her decision, better to move on and go find that girl you are meant to be. Don't see this relationship as a failure, but merely, one step closer to the one you are meant to be with.

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Even though you may think the relationship is perfect & going great, at her point in her life (regardless if you may be right for her), she can just simply not be ready for a serious relationship & you've got to respect that. Timing could be off as well. Relationships don't necessarily depend on solely on the idea of the perfect partner, but timing of where each person is in his/her life. This is why you can hear stories of relationships lasting for several years but don't work out! Then when that person matures & has gained more wisdom about themselves & is ready to settle into something serious, they end up marrying someone who they knew in less time!


Accept that perhaps the timing is off & that it was a learning experience that you will keep in mind for other women you meet later on in your life. She has moved on with her life & you must go on as well, since you had a life before meeting her!


You will eventually meet someone who will be more compatible for you as well! Don't give up, stay the good guy as you truly are. The ones who do finish successfully are actually good men, but you may not see or hear about it yet until most of your friends are getting married & having children!

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If you really love her as much as you claim to love her release her since it's for her own good. True love means knowing when to let go. If she returns to you it's meant to be but by hanging onto her you are pushing her away, or worse she'll end up staying and become very resentful.

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