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Family member with alterior motives?

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Alright. Well yesterday was my families big yearly get together. We do this because my family is so large we can't get together during the holidays so we have this massive party and golf tournament so we can see eachother. Ne way, my cousin Robin is somewhat recentley married to her husband Jay. Jay is 33 and I'm 17. Jay is really good looking and he's always there for me like a big brother. Him and I were the last ones up at the fire and ended up pulling an all nighter just sitting there till everyone else got up. I was upset so he was comforting me. But he was asking me what I think of him, and he mentioned that Robin used to have a crush on my dad when she was younger and asked me if I had a crush on anyone in the family when I was younger (we're not into insest I swear). I said no and he said you sure? Then he later asked me how i feel about him because opinions are important to him. I said in what way? He's like anyway. I was like well I feel more comfortable talking to you than my own dad. So he's like ill give u my number so you can call me if you ever need to talk. He also asked me to go to see a movie with him. What I found odd was he gave me his e-mail, cell and work number. He didn't give me his home number and only he answers his cell and the e-mail address he gave me is his work one. I'm curious if he has alternative motives. My stepmom mentioned casually that Jay seemed to be fond of me. Plus all night he was hugging me and sayin he loves me and what not. Hes not a pervert or anything like that he's family I've known him forever. I'm just not sure if he really is just trying to be there for me or he wants to "spend time" with me. Because if it was me needing to talk to him why wouldn't he give me any numbers or e-mail address where I could reach him at home. Seems like he is keeping this from Robin and I'm curious as to why. What do you think?

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i think you should listen to your gut. keep him at a distance. anyways if you need someone to talk to, i suggest talking to your friends. if you want to talk to him then ask your parents hey can i have jays HOME number? and if they ask why say he told you that you can talk to him at any time. dont call the other numbers. just keep this way out in the open and if he gets weird he prob has something to hide. i dunno it does sound kinda weird so i would just tell you to tell him thanks and let it go. like i said im sure you have friends or soemone else you can talk to. better safe than sorry

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Yeah stay close with your friends and talk to them about your feelings. Find some way to contact him at home and you should be able to tell if he is really surprised that yuo would call that number. If he is there is probably something that he is not telling you and you need to find that out before you persue to spend more time with him.

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