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keepin a conversation goin

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Yeah man. So, if you know the dude ask about stuff he does. If he likes to play football, ask him if hes played football lately!


If you dont know anything about him, try to notice things. Like if you like his jeans or something ask where he got them. Now, it doesnt end here, just do this for more information!! If he got his jeans at the mall, it would be a perfect time for you to tell a funny story that happened to you at the mall.


You see what im getting at? Keep asking small questions till ya get something that you can add on to. Then, if your lucky - hell have a good response to that! Just keep it up as long as your comfortable


Also, after i say, "Whats up?" you can always ask how there day was! I know sometimes people wont tell ya much, but once they open up to you theyll talk your head off. Youve got it under control

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Hey there,

Have you tried looking around this forum? Most of the topics are about starting conversations...or what to say next.


I usually tell them something about what I did today, or the weekend. A funny story about me, or I'll ask about a mutual friend. If I know they were working on something I'll ask about that. Stuff like that.

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If you know how to segway in conversations (asking questions/giving answers that go into a variety of topics that move by the general interest), you could talk for hours on end.


Yes-or-No questions are the worst because that's what you get -- a few words tops.

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