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how long do you think i should wait ?

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to make a long story short. i was going out with this girl for about 5 months, she called it quits because she said that she just dident like me as much anymore. i was like well F that. it's been about 5 days or so, and i still like her and all, and i wan't to be friends with her still, even though i know that we will never be back together but stil, i woudl like to know how long i shoudl wait until i ask her to go hang out ?



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Usually, I think people will say they would like to be friends just to ease their guilt and to try to lessen the blow for the dumpee.


I don't think being friends with someone you were going out with is very healthy or productive.



My best recommendation is to write that relationship off and just move on.


Their are plenty of other people to be friends with, without all that emotional baggage that has been accumulated.

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