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What do girls look for in guys?

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Well there really isnt much to say about it just i wanted to no what girls look for in guys. but i did have a couple more questions. If a girl turns you down and says something like "I just wanna be friends" is that a total shut off no chance of getting together netime soon or is that still "open territory"? And another question. I was just curious the saying "it isnt the size that matters its the way u use it" true? I mean (hypotheticlly of course) if a guy is 2 inches hard but knows how to use it good does that mean that it dosent matter that its like the size of a babys? and my final question. Ive looked all around the internet for the avrage "size" and im in the medium-large (avrage medium was like 5.5 to 7.5 yea really narrows it down) what would you say the small, small-medium, medium, medium- large, large, and large + is?

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well i've ehard from somewhere theres 6 things, like fame,wealth,money,looks, and personality, i know i missed 1 couldn't think of it, but anyway, unless ur a movie star, then go with everything, if ur not go with that 5th 1 i told u, cause that what girls really deep down look for, cause that includes how weel u have, humor,education,and etc.. but anyway u get my point i hope...

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and like i told sumone else, sure size may matter to sum girl, but the average size to msot amrried woman, their husbands, 75 percent of the US were jsut in the 61/2 range or smaller!! so be greatful, i'm above average, not to brag, but anyway i'm not 10 or higher i'llt ell u that, anyone can tell u they have that when their hard, but trust me unless they've had ALOT of pills they aint got that, or they've lied to u SEVERLY but dnt worry about it, and if ur womans any kinda woman she'll lvoe you for who you are regardless how big, and if she doesn't, she aint for you dogg...



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Man, you're 14, don't worry about 'size' right now....you still have like 4-6 more years to grow...in every way....god I feel weird saying that, but you know what I mean.


And when you're a friend...you're a friend, it's hard to get out of that category unless alcohol's involved hehe...most girls are pretty final in that, but in time may change their mind, but at that point, if they say you're a friend, then you're stuck that way for a good amount of time.

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yeah, like droptozero said, you don't have to worry about this yet. you still have plenty of time left to grow. and i think that it really depends on the girl as well.


to answer your question kasabian, i'll tell you what i personally am attracted to in a guy.


it may sound strange, but i love it when a guy shows that i make him happy. i also love it when i'm on a date and he'll cuddle with me, and act like he really does care about me. i think that a lot of girls, including me, really love romantic guys as well. some attributes that i value in a guy are intelligence, kindness, understanding, and charisma, but sometimes shyness as well. hope this helps! good luck.

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