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Help with staying motivated??

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Hello everyone,



Well recently I decided to start lifting weights to feel more better about myself and give me another hobby. I used to lift in high school but in college I go off and on never really staying consistent with it. It's weird because I usually run at least 2 miles every other day so I know im not THAT lazy.


I'm just wondering what are some techniques or information on ways that will help me stay motivated to get past the 2 month mark and keep lifting weights regulary?? What specific things do you people do?

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Motivation comes from the inside. If you're not the type who can discipline yourself to do something everyday for a few moments, then there is no way you can make it without having to quit one day.


- temporary leverage may help a bit.

- having partners to go with you may help a bit.


but when it comes to wanting to do it long term


You either have to *discipline yourself by creating yourself a habit of going to the gym everyday, or *completely change your lifestyle and wash away your old habits and bring new habit to your life. For example, live in a place where access to gym does not take effort to walk/drive to. You may want to *write down specifically what it is that you want to achieve. For example, "to workout for an hour" and write it down a few times everyday

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The fist few months will be the hardest. You'll have to force yourself to go to the gym during this time. Eat sensibly for your goals as well; ie weight loss or muscle gain.


After a few months you'll start to see good results, which will be your motivation from this point onwards. So off you go to the gym

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I worked out for a year straight, then I took a year off. I was doing great until I fell out of my routine, then I got lazy. I've since gotten back into it again and I've been going at it for about 5-6 months. The key to maintaining a consistent regimen is to make it a "routine." Don't even think about it, just do it. Even when I don't particularly feel in the mood to workout, I still go and usually I get into it after the first few exercises. I've made gains that would not have been possible if I didn't go to the gym consistently for a long period of time. Now I seem to be unable to stop, I actually HAVE to go to the gym or I feel guilty.

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The only technique is to just DO IT.


Three weeks ago I agonized over working out. All I had to do was get my lazy @** off the computer and go downstairs in my basement and work out. Then one day I got inspired somehow, and after a couple times I felt guilty NOT working out every couple days. Once you start noticing the results, THEN you want to do it more, because you realize that you're not wasting your time. I actually enjoy doing it now. In fact, I even signed up for this health club and had my first workout/visit there today. I went with my Dad and best friend. It was fun, though I think I did too much at once because I felt really lightheaded at the end. Got a nice workout regardless.


If you have the money, getting a personal trainer can also keep you motivated, because then you have some guidance and moral support on your back.

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I'm just wondering what are some techniques or information on ways that will help me stay motivated to get past the 2 month mark and keep lifting weights regulary?? What specific things do you people do?


Listen to music while you do it .

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Yeah, bring your Ipod or CD player with you. If you go to a gym and work out, often times they will have TV sets around the cardio equipment (no sound, though).


Listening to music while working out always keeps you going, especially if it's supposed to be used for exercising like techno music or something.

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You really DO have to just do it. Make it routine.


I find when I am feeling "unmotivated" just making a vow with myself to START a workout will have me not only start it, but complete it. Just getting the endorphins going is enough to make you stick to workout.


It also helps to add variety to your workout plan, cross train and change things up regularly to not only keep your mind interested, but also keep your muscles on their "toes" too.


Some people also need friends for motivation, if so, find a workout buddy.


It also helps to have a goal (ie to compete in a triathlon, 5 k race, charity bike race).


At same time, rest days are important for motivation in an odd inverse way..a day of allows you to recharge and refuel, and miss the workout enough to get back to it! And helps you avoid the dreaded burn out which will keep you away from working out eventually.


People ask me all the time how I do it...I not only work out with weights and do yoga regularly but also cycle 150-200+ miles a week..and it all comes down to, I have a passion for it, and I just DO it. I make it one of my priorities. It's not hard to give up one hour or two of television for an hour workout or more. And feels much better too!

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