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guy i met at a bar...what should i do?

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so i recently met a guy at a bar and i'm kinda interested and he initiated everything, from talking to me, to getting my number, and he gave me his also, and when he left he gave me a kiss on the cheek. So now i'm wondering...should i just wait til he calls or would it be ok for me to call him also..but i would be calling just to say hi not to ask him out on a date or anything. and does it really just depend on the guy on how fast he calls? i met him friday night...


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Better to wait until he calls. If he initiated everything then he will have no trouble dialing the digits of a girl he is intereted in .


You can call him by Wednesday just to say hi... in case he doesn't call sooner. If he doesn't call you after that ( after you've called him- later in the week) then let him go and find another one....he may just have things going on that you don't know about.


Good luck!

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Hope he calls! But don't call him since he did the initiating.


You know, my last ex actually picked up on girls in bars as a hobby (until he met me... I hope). He use to compete on how many numbers or dates he could get in a week. He was awful... and of course I dated him HA! But the one thing I did learn was more about what goes on in guys heads, or at least his head when he got a girls number. He was pretty open about who he was with me, maybe too open.


But I do know that you never know the circumstances for someone getting your number in a bar. So don't even waste energy on it until he does actually call. And if he does, then you know it is a "real" interest not just some game guys play. You have no idea what his intent was. But do know that guys don't get girls numbers, at least from my female perspective, unless they think you are attractive.


So I do hope he calls, but if he does not call, his loss! Don't even take offense by it. He probably was not single anyway or was not interested in dating, but thought you were cute. Who knows what goes on in men's brains.

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