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Are we just falling apart, already?

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I feel as if I've become bored of my relationship, but I still love him, so much. Last night, he brought it up - that he too feels the same way. We don't want to end the relationship, we just feel there's nothing left. We practically know everything about each other - and we're just lost on what to do. Last weekend, I/we did not feel this way, and really started on Thursday night for me - and Friday for him. But, we don't want to end the relationship.


He thinks it's me finally get my license - and the dead bored days of summer, and it's just that we have nothing to talk about because we don't do anything all day. But, we still wouldn't trade our conversations for anything. I don't know what it is, and I feel horrible about it and I want the old, excitement feeling back. It just feels like we've ran out of passion, we still want to be with each other - there's just no more passion or something. It feels almost as if it's just at a hault, and we're both waiting for something really interesting to happen.


And we want the old feeling back. I really don't know what I'm asking for, but any help would be appreciated. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask.

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How old are both of you?


Every relationship goes through different phases. It can't be thrill-a-minute, everyone's-happy-and-feeling-connected perfection all the time. If you over-analyze things, there's a tendency to pick things apart until there's nothing left.


Also, if you're younger (say, less than 20-25) you've had fewer experiences and less time to think about and develop opinions about things so there's simply less "you" of you to share. Only cure for that is time, living life over time, and having experiences over time.

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Actually, my girlfriend and I are going through the same exact thing.


Last night we got into another argument about how we never see each other anymore. And when I can see her I have to sneak into her bedroom

because I get out of work late. She sais she doesnt want to do this anymore, and that we dont do anything fun and exciting. Things just arent the same. I love her to death, but I over-anylize everything she does, it causes arguments and its not right but I cant help it.


We decided to take a "break" for a while. But I dont know if things are gonna work out. I hate it, Its been less than 1 day and I already miss her so much.

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