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What things can you eat and cant eat when ur pregnant?

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Ive heard alot of different things about eating while ur pregnant...like you cant eat sausages or hotdog and you cant eat certain kinds of cheese.....what kinds of sausages and cheeses cant you eat?...and is there anything else you cant?....and what if i have already eaten some of these will it hurt my baby?

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I had my son when I was 17 I never really understood why it was so bad for teens to be preagnant you know how they say baby's having baby's well it really is a health corncern your body is still developing and it is twice as hard on your body the baby takes allot away from your body like vitamins and important nutrients so this in turn means that not just for your baby but for your body which is still developing you have to see the obgyn at least once a month take those prenatal pills everyday and ask the doctor to give you some info on nutrition geared to your needs make sure you stay away from caffein drink plenty of water and talk to your doctor about what is a good weight gain for you. Good luck with your new baby it is one of the best things that can happen to someone its just the timing.

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Speak with an OB. Make sure your taking a pre-natal vitamin. Also meats and eggs need to be cooked fully. Folate is especially important early pregnancy so get that pre-natal vitamin. Certain cheeses need to be avoided, I believe blue cheese is one of them because it's high in bacteria. I know honey should be avoided by infants not sure if pregnanct woman should avoid it though.

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Folate is especially important early pregnancy so get that pre-natal vitamin.


Folic acid is very important to the developing neurological system of the baby, most important in these early stages.


Good sources of folic acid are: leafy green veggies, asparagus, orange juice fortified with it, your prenatal vitamins, whole grains, and believe it or not, liver.


Lots of protein, (found in lean meats, beans, legumes) lots of calcium, prenatal vitamins, lay off the caffeine, lots of water, like everyone has said. Use good common sense and if it wasn't good for you before you got pregnant, it isn't good now.


Try to eat more frequent, smaller meals, to keep your blood sugar up and prevent heartburn (esp. as you get bigger)


But definitely talk with your OB/GYN and he/she can recommend absolutely essential nutrients for you.


This may be helpful as well:


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Good luck, and keep us filled in!

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No soft cheeses (ie, cream cheese) because Listeria monocytogenes grows in it in the refrigerator. It doesn't bother normal healthy people, but it is one of the few bacteria that can cross the placenta and harm your baby.


Deli meats - you may want to microwave them before you make a sandwhich.


Here's a website with some info....


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Yeah as Annie says, no soft cheeses and for the same reason no processed meats (salami etc) no raw seafood (oysters etc) and if you are being paranoid about it wash all vegetables and fruit. All that advice is to do with avoiding Listeria.


Beyond that you need to eat as healthily as possible. Many pregnant women get anaemic due to the lack of iron in their diets so if you cannot stomach meat at the moment look for another source of iron. Don't be too tempted by iron supplements because they usually constipate you, try for a natural source.


Otherwise your obstetrician will have lots of information about healthy diets for pregnant women. Have a chat to him/her about it.

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Talk to your OB/GYN about this, as they may take a look at your diet and also wish to add specific vitamins or nutrients to balance out what you are eating. They may even refer you to a nutritionist, however often they will cover it for you as part of pre-natal counselling.


Folic acid is important, but it is most crucial before/at time of and shortly after conception.


You will need to ensure you are careful with soft cheeses, processed meats and so on, or anything you have allergies too. And of course...no alchohol, smoking, drugs.

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