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after 20 years our feelings never change

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Recently after a long time I found my exgirlfriend whom I was suppose to marry.We were very young at the Time and our parents basically split us up and we went our separate ways.But after 20 years of looking and playing around with People that were just filler..I found a posting where her name was at ..I emailed her and we have talked and to the point we seen each other and it was like BODY HEAT..At the time we listened to our parents and obeyed them we both were trying to find each other just to see how we were ..We were friends from the Sandbox to College,friends first .she was so far away people telling us lies about each other but each other was always on our mind.I met up with her just recently and the feeling never changed noe we live 3 hours away from each other,and now we want to be together again ,very much so.Is this good? we also discussed if we never should have listened to our parents and only our hearts.So is it good that this happened ? nothing really changed accept a little grey am I doing the right thing going for it again

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Providing neither of you is involved with anyone else then you are absolutely doing the right thing. There are many success stories of people reuniting with their first lovers,


Good luck, I hope it works out well for you.

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Of course things could work out between you and your long lost ex. You mention one important thing - the fact that you had/have a strong friendship with her. Many people don't realize the importance of establishing a strong friendship, as it is the foundation of every great, lasting, healthy relationship. Good luck with her, and from now on ignore any comments your parents make about her.

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I also want to know. Why dose this stuff take such a long time to happen.the cool thing is this time we didnt do what typicly people do .just say Hi and Bye.I dont want to sound Cheesy or bland but is this what you cal a SOULMATE and what is Really a soulmate?.All I understand is we were young people living a Adult relationship.And why do people want to step in and displace other peoples lives .In the Beganing she didnt think that she was worthy for me because of her hard times and all .I stood my ground and let my heart speek to her,unexpectedly.I found out that I didnt know how to say it when i was 13,15 or even 19.But I just let her know right off the bat how I felt all of thease years that I never got to tell her .That is because we were young ,so now that I am educated to the fact I can tell her.Everything how I felt now Even the Smallest detail we remember of what happened to us that I bring up .Now even Smells make me thinkof her that I haven had such a long time .At this point I feel Like i am In a Harliquinn Romance novel .But I see all of my pain for her by just thinking what if is kinda gone .I am tripping out I thought I blew it .Is it healthy to think "just drop everything and just go " because that is how i use to be with her.Is this also a Circle that happens to the Lucky people

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you are 39 years of age, you already let all these years pass without her all while missing her, and now shes in your grasp and youre questioning it?!?


go for it! how much more time are you going to let pass????? if you both want it, whats the problem? the in-laws will just have to adjust.



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This is so romantic GO GET HER!!!! Love her like you'll never love another again and get back what you had ..... I have found my"soulmate"(if there is such a thing?) and we are separated right now for circumstances beyond my control and I wish you could talk to him and tell him about your experience cause I'm sure he can relate ........ but I tell you if he showed up at my door right now and said I'm sorry things went the way they did but I know what I want and thats you for the rest of my life ..... I would hug him and kiss him and never let him go ........... DOnt waste anymore time....... you've lost so much time already GO GET HER AND NEVER LET HER GO !!!!!

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native you are rushing into this already declaring she is your soul mate (oh how i detest whoever the person was that invented that word). You have only just started the beginnings of a relationship with her and I hear you reminiscing over the sweet lofty ideals of young childrens fantasies. As pleasant as your story sounds it also makes me think you both are building up unrealistic expectations. Becareful. I am not suggesting proceeding with pessimism. Anything but. But do not start boasting she is your soul mate and that this is a wonderful feel good Kasey kasem romance story come true until you both have been deeply involved with each other for a while.

Both of you have probably acquired baggage since you were kids and might be investing too much right away based on childhood fantasies/fairytales of each other and what this relationship will blossom into in order to retalliate and validate all the failed relationships/pain you've both experienced since you lost each other.

That being said i hope it works out for you wonderfully.

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I am Not Boasting a SOULMATE I was Asking "What really is a Soulmate?" was my question...All I know is that my feelings never changed..And because of my Parents and hers this happened ...I am taking this with KIT GLOVES...That is why I ask this forum questions ..Some people are so much in to a SO CALLED "old fashioned" way...and what is that ?what makes old fashioned so good? and what type of old fashioned are we talking about .All I know is I am not going to loose this and I am Lucky most people dont get a 2nd chance and since we were going to get married and the parents broke it up 2 days befor the wedding there is a lot of history...I am going for it ..I have nothing to loose ..

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native i agree you should go after her. I am not trying to dampen your optimism. I know you will truly appreciate her and this serendipitous opportunity. i just don't want to see you running off a cliff with your arms outstretched because it seems you have very high expectations before the relationship has really even began. basically my advice can be summed up as this; "great to hear but becareful dude."

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your story has given me a new hope in life. I recently broke up w/ my g/f that i KNOW is the one for me but she has a lot of stuff going on in her life right now thats going to keep her very, very busy and very stressed plus shes not ready to be in a relationship w/ anyone right now. so i let her go...and i say to myself all the time, if we are really meant to be, if what my heart is telling me is true then we will be together again later on in life. i love her and this feeling is not gonna go away no matter what girl i do get with later on in the future. i know the love i have for her is real and permanent. your story is crazy man...i hope for some kind story like that for me and my ex. heh..


well, anyways...GO FOR IT. if that happeneded to me i woudn't question it at all i would go with and see where it takes us. you only live life once, go all out!

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I would like to say thanks of the Positive info that was emailed to me in this subject...Why is this kind of thing never happens " A second chance due to a misunderstanding" Man that Sux..


I was basically asking if this was common.But in a nut shell It was the friendship factor..I could depend on her then and now as I ..It is too much like a Romance NOVEL we were talking and I can do a book cover ..My hair is Longer and Better then DOLL HAIR FABIO...


Ladys did I turn into a romantic? have I changed it for myself? why i ask is my words just came out no thought it just did ..My birthday is friday and I will be seeing her saturday...She Told me when I gave her roses before long ago they lasted for months..and others gave her roses they lasted for days..I will be giving her 21 will she have a forest of flowers?..Thanks for all of your input

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