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How long should one wait too start dating again after LTR?

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There's no one answer for that. It takes as long as it takes. After some break-ups I've gone as long as 14 months, and some as short as a week.


I was out of a 2 year live-in relationship for 2 months when I met my husband.


It really comes down to whenever you decide you're ready to move on or ready-or-not you decide to move on.

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It's been 7 months for me and i'm in the same spot, but after my ex-ex broke up with me it took 4 days to find someone new. It's different everytime. Just keep trying and you'll eventually succeed. Think about it, the more girls you try with, the better chance you have of finding one who sticks.

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There's definitely no fixed answer on that one.. For me It seems for any LTR it's definitely a good while, as it takes time for all the fog to lift after ending a bad relationship. It's been almost a year for me now, and I'd like to start dating or find someone, but I still feel lingering after effects from my marraige of almost eight years and I don't want to go into another relationship with any emotional baggage for sure. Another importantant point (at least to me) is that if you were in a bad relationship you go for a period of time without much spiritual / life growth due to all your efforts in trying to make the relationship work, If thats the case with you then allow yourself some time for growth and change... as for me I have always had sort of a personal renaissance. Good Luck, and hope things work out.

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