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Get in shape for wrestling

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We are 4 monthes and 8 days away from wrestlins season. However, maybe for some of you guys it's even sooner. Anyhow, I am thinking of going for a lighter weight class for this up coming season. I am currently in 171 but for the next season I am thininking of 161. Is there a better way to lose weight without losing muscles? I don't like the idea of not drink and eat for a few days in a row.

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Only way to lose weight is to diet and do cardio. Keep lifting and eating protien supplement to make muscle loss minimum, but you will lose some. Then you can increase diet and decrease cardio if weight gain is desired. Adjust diet and cardio level to desired % body fat. Sounds easy, huh?

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Like Heloladies said . .run your butt off. Your body is a result of your diet and exercise. You want to lose weight? Consume fewer calories, and exercise. You're pretty young, so your body is going through a lot of growth right now, so you may be fighting a losing battle. Good luck.

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first question is why do you want to go to a lighter weight class? how tall are you, what is your bodyfat? your health should be one the most important things in your life, it can effect life greatly. i would work with a professional to assit you.

you may be concerned to only use bodyfat.

one step is to find out how many calories you eat each day, then make a reduction in caloreis equal to 3500K/cal per week. this will lead to approx a pound loss of bodyfat per week, do not go over 2 pounds per week, as this is the safe range of fat loss. any more weight loss would lead to loss of mucsle and body fluids.

for most people the easiest way to cut calories is to eat clean. i mean tuna, skinless chicken, 96%lean beef etc for protein, for your carbs eat things such as raw oats, sweet potaotes, etc avoid white bread. i am just suggesting this as it appears you are 15, and most of us at that age eat alot of junk, such as mcdonalds, candy, soda, chip.


drink about a gallon of water per day since you are exercising.skip all drinks with sugar, such,as soda, .....secrect drink water

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you only need 10 pounds in 4 months so you have 12 weeks. great. shoot for 1 pound per week. weigh only once per week at the same time, same day, etc. if you have a good scale i would suggest you weigh first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, do this on the day of the week that you would normally get your wrestling weigh in. this will be benefical durning the season.

if you eat candy skip it. example try some raw oats(oatmeal) with some applesauce. about 1/4-1/2 cup of oatmeal with 3 tablespoons of applesauce. this will help keep your blood sugar constant, as eating fast acting sugars such as in soda will spike your insulin, and if not exercising right before the extra sugar will be stored in fat cells. you can do 3-4 cardio session per week 20-45 minutes, keep your heart rate in the 65-75% heart rate range, this is for fat burning, not cardio efficiency or endurance. if you are 15 that means 133-153 beats per minute. this is your safe fat burning range without risking muscle loss, a higer heart rate would be more efficient for the heart, but not so nice to keeping muscle.


secrect kind of avoid doing the empty stomach thing. first thing in the morning when you wake up, if you have branched chain amino acids, take about 5 grams, and then do your cardio about 20 min. later, this will spare your muscle. if you do cardio with weightlifting, do it for 20 minutes prior your workout. now you are in the fat burning area, so the proper work out will burn fat more efficiently, and spare all your muscle.

hope this helps.


dont starve for your body, eat for it.....


do not go on those fad liquid diet to loose weight, if that is something you decide to do anyway, make sure you are taking in lots of branched chain amino acids that day, i would recommend it in powder form and mix it in your gallon of water. this will help save your muscles.


goal should be fat loss not weight loss, you are an athlete. muscle is going to be of great benefit for you as it will be the foundation for your power and stregnth.


good luck. hope this is not too much info., but you will find it very helpful

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if you focus on your stregnt traing and technique you will greatly improve. use proper lifting techniques, and you will surpass your counterparts, as a personal trainer i see people all the time try to impress with heavy weights but do it wrong, get it right and when your weights increase, you will be truly impressive.....




power without perception is spiritually useless and thereforeeee of no true value....

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I think it's important to distinguish between 'types' of weight. My coach always drops weight before grapples because he says he has trouble coping with the 'strength' of the guys in the higher weight division, and I think that's a very good thing to think about. You can gain pounds via hypertrophic exercises but that doesn't necessarily equate with strength. Large strength gains can likewise be achieved without much mass gain, which means being lighter but very strong. I'd say make sure you're not carrying any 'useless' weight.


NB I come from a groundfighting/submission fighting background not pure wrestling, but I hope my ideas still apply

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