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ever find that perfect position?

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me and my girl have been try different positions fo a while now. we have got a few that i like, and a few that she likes. we have got a sex book that claims to have 365 positions. we have found a few that arent in there.



any comments. my fav is from behind, but she likes missionary because the closness.




any replies?

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Try the wheelbarrel position.. well, if you will get her to do it. Basically you are standing up and slight squat postion.. While your g/f (facing the floor) put her legs around you while she is lifting herself up off the ground with her arms. She might get tired.. but its alot of fun.

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Every position is perfect if the two of you love each other and enjoy it. It's not how you do it, its that you care enough to express your feelings in such an intimate way that makes it perfect.


Over 360 positions, these names... people have too much time on their hands.

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