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confused! how could she miss me?

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I'll just explain it as quickly as I can.

We went on a break June 3rd. We broke up on June 17th because she had found a new bf. we went to the musemum on the 29th since We had planned on it for so long. I was hurt and decided it was too early to try and be friends, if possible.


I planned not to call her for a long time at least a month. well she called me on July 5th. not even a week. She saw something on TV that reminded her of me and she thought I would like to hear about it. it was a quick conversation only about 5 min. I figured it wasn't a sign or anything, but one wonders why she bothered.


Well she called me on the 15th and told me she missed me and would like to do something next week ???!!! what the heck is going on? I think its way to early to see her again.


I'm just wondering what this is a sign of. I don't want to see her if she is only doing this to making the break up easier for herself some how, but part of me thinks she is regerting her decision.



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She's trying to ease her guilt about dumping you. If she has another bf it's a done deal, especially if she got him so soon after the break up. It shows that she never really cared about you anyways. Cut all contact with her cause talking to her will just keep you wondering and not healing. Talk to lots of other girls.

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Matt, I can somewhat understand because I had a boyfriend that once did that to me. Sometimes if a person initiates a breakup they often do feel regret. At least that's what I've found. I think she probably does miss you, but does she miss you as a friend or a boyfriend. You have every right to find that out. Also if you feel that it is to soon then its to soon. You have to be compfortable seeing her again, if your not that will just make it more awkward.

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Thanks for all your helpful comments.


There are many good points being made. I think she really does miss me. The only questions is, as a friend or a boyfriend. It will be hard to find out without being hurt if it doesn't go the way I want it.


I also don't want to make it easier for her if she only missed me as a friend. She made her decision.



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