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We are back together......A success story

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For those who have been there for this most difficult break-up, finally success, we are back together.

My ex and I have been seeing each other for the past few weeks. We both realise what went wrong and are working together to get back on the right track. We have decided to leave the past behind and start fresh. He dumped me. But, I followed every-one's advice and got a great life. Great job, great apartment, great friends and once he saw how well I was doing we wanted me back. I told him how wonderful I am and how any man should consider himself lucky if I gave him the time of day. And, I truly believe it. I don't need a man, but if I choose to spend my precious time with one, then he is lucky. Don't mean to sound arrogant but my main issue was self-esteem. I have done ALOT of work on improving myself, and I'm proud of that.

He calls me many times during the day and puts in heaps of effort to put things aside so he can spend time with me. I let him do the chasing, he broke the trust and has to work on proving to me this is what he really wants. He understands that and is truly making a great effort. In return if he comes over to my house I'll cook him dinner.

We deeply love each other and want to be together. Things are going great and we are taking things very slowly and letting things progress naturally.

Just thought I'd let every-one know. I followed all of your advice, you all know what you have to do, just following it is HARD. We are all special people and those of you who take the time to reply and help others, strangers, are truly wonderful. Thank-you all so very, very much for all your support for without you I don't think I would have coped. Big Hugs and Kisses to everyone.

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So glad it is working for you. Just remember that it takes two to make a relationship work so make sure you are putting as much effort into that as he is. A good relationship thrives on balance - both people wanting to please each other.


It would be a good thing to reread your posts (as I just did) to remind yourself what went wrong the first time so that you can both avoid that happening again.


Best of luck to you.

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It's a rare thing to see a success story of a couple getting back together again after a break up and making it work, believe me, I know, my bf and I are a success story too.


I think you are in the right frame of mind that you really worked on yourself while you were apart and now you haven't taken him back because you need him in your life, but because you want him in your life, and believe he can add to an already happy situation for you.


As DN said, although it's important for him to put in an effort to regain your trust and respect, you also have to put in an effort as well, and it sounds like you are doing that. Make sure you work on a 50/50 compromise, and that no one feels taken advantage of. Don't be afraid to talk about your progress either, it takes alot of time, patience, devotion, and hard work to put a broken relationship back together again!


I wish you both the best of luck and again, it's a rare thing when two people reconcile for the right reasons and work to make it last!

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