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well.. in some of my other posts i have mentioned liking this guy who is a few yrs older that i work with. he invited me to a party tonight, another guy that works there is celebrating his birthday, i was technically invited, but zack wants me to go as his guest and kyle is his best friend so he said that he wouldnt care cuz he knows me any way. alot of people at work , like i mentioned before tease us about flirting and being together alot. so idk if going tonight is a good idea. when i walk in with zack people are gonna talk, i dont really care what they think. i WANNA be with zack so its okay if they think we are "together". he obviously doesnt care either..since he invited me.


But..do you guys think i should go? I mean..we work together so would it be like wrong for me to go with him?



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